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Epiphany...Eureka....Alice In Wonderland....

With a renewed interest in everything that is tea, I again had my daughter pose as my subject matter. After stumbling upon two lovely tea pots, quite by accident and then of course…chattering on and on in regards to my desires for a tea inspired remodel…combined with changing out some wall hangings for photography…..wouldn’t ‘Alice In Wonderland’, be a fabulous theme? 204 more words


Come Away With Me

Just the same as any other day… I begin the search for my computer’s new desktop wallpaper. I want something that will make me happy ( 308 more words


"We can talk,' said the Tiger-lily: `when there's anybody worth talking to."

Alice in Wonderland- Through the Looking Glass…

`How is it you can all talk so nicely?’ Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a compliment. 70 more words

playing cards

Pack of playing cards I made when researching Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


My Best Advice to the Average Somebody

I recently purchased a book to help with my blogging, it is titled ‘365 blog topic ideas, for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about’ brilliant.. 672 more words