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A Mad Hatter's Tea Party: A Review

A trip to London to visit my sister took us to the Sanderson Hotel for Afternoon Tea.

I’m not very London savvy, but trailing behind my sister like a lost puppy, we rounded a street corner and she spread her arms towards an “office block”proclaiming we had arrived. 706 more words

Rabbit Hole

There are far better things ahead
Than any we leave behind” [1]
But I couldn’t help but look back
At the rabbit hole… 18 more words


World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

I’m not sure how much this gets celebrated in day-to-day life, but luckily I work in a primary school and therefore get the full blast of the celebrations! 359 more words

"I read it in a book." said Alice - Lewis Carroll

Sunday a day for rest, reflection, & family. Yea, I got my reverent side, too (just don’t expect to see it too often)
We all have families. 143 more words


I feel its approach, steady and familiar,

Clinging to my hair and clothes.

Shrinking me down into almost a pinhead,

I’m playing Alice again, I suppose. 135 more words

Alice in Wonderland feat. BRENDA

Oh hi again! (Side track alil. The BW picture was taken while road tripping in Bali. Up to the mountains!)

Anyway ya Brenda in Wonderland. Not sure is it a wonderland or lost island. 523 more words


The life changing magic of "I don't know"!

So I just watched the last vlogbrothers video which ended with John Green being weirdly excited about being able to use “I don’t know” and it got me thinking how we spend our whole lives thinking we should know everything and feeling less than others that know more and getting frustrated by that. 313 more words