Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I am very interested in cross-collaboration of the arts and using these collaborations to re-engage audiences who perhaps have lost interest in the cultural sector following the economic downturn. 327 more words

Performance Research

THE TEXT: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

With the new semester in our architecture studio we are all introduced with a new lesson ARCH 102: INTRODUCTION TO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. It absolutely sounds more close to be a real designer or architect, although we are not still dealing with designing buildings. 335 more words


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by: Lewis Carroll

Genre: Children’s – Fantasy

Description: One golden afternoon, Alice is drifting to sleep in the meadow when she sees a curious sight. A white rabbit with a waistcoat and a wristwatch scurries by. 423 more words


Through The Looking-Glass review

Title: Through The Looking-Glass
Author: Lewis Carroll
Series: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
Rating: 4 stars

^^(My copy had both Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland  185 more words


150 Years of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland at The Ransom Center

Quite a long time ago, 150 years in fact, down down down the rabbit hole little Alice went, and when she came out again she was not the same person as went in. 674 more words

Alice: Be Your Own Hero!

by Cathy Cassidy

When I first read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I identified strongly with Alice… her wide-eyed innocence, her curiosity, her struggle to make sense of a world that had suddenly turned upside-down. 303 more words

Cathy Cassidy

Science, Mysticism, and Dreams in Alice᾽s Adventures in Wonderland

by guest contributor Stephanie L. Schatz

There can be something naïvely reductive and crassly materialistic about empirical analysis—especially if it relates to phenomena also commonly described as mystical, supernatural, transcendental, or sublime. 882 more words

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