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Fear The Walking Dead S02E12 "Pillar Of Salt" Review

You don’t understand…Your child is always your child

Finally the day is coming, to reunite the lost ones. Either that, or to set them apart forever.

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La chica danesa (2015)

Se trata de un filme ambientado en la Copenhague de los años 20, en medio de la escena artísticocultural boyante de una sociedad aprensiva, aún en las tinieblas en cuanto al movimiento transgénero. 225 more words

The Difference between Men and Women in Midlife

I admit that sometimes my blog topics don’t come to me right away, and this morning I was calling on help from the almighty internet. I searched and searched for different topics and then different bloggers, anything to give me a spark of inspiration. 399 more words


David Warms Up: Day 50


OWEN, clean-cut and wearing a new polo shirt, walks his little girl ALICIA in her My Little Pony t-shirt through the fresh goods of the market. 494 more words


Why You Should Forget Everything You Think You Know About The Midlife Crisis

A middle aged man leaves work one day and decides to buy his dream car on his way home. This is the classic story everyone thinks of when they hear the term “midlife crisis”. 177 more words


Fear The Walking Dead S02E11 "Pablo & Jessica"

But I’m tired of living a memory…so I’m walking to you…

That song gave this super episode of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 “Pablo & Jessica” the much deserved ending.

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Eva tore open the doors to Ylva’s domain and sprinted inside.

Ylva was on her throne, her skeletal form looking impassive as always under the light shining from the storm clouds overhead. 3,640 more words