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Movie Reviews

My sister, the alien

Ever since we were kids, there’s always been something a little different about this chubby-cheeked child here.

Firstly, she thought she was “the best in the world.” I’m not joking. 613 more words

No Gold Pavements

(600 words)

Well, there are no black curtains, but it’s a white room I’m standing in. Quite large, I’d say about twenty foot square, and the ceiling’s high too. 682 more words

Micro Fiction

THE CALL by Antonella Dagostino

“Our reality is made up of thought particles and if you learn how to change your way of thinking, your reality will change as a result. 299 more words


Linda Napolitano and the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction of 1989

October has given me a chance to share historical ghost stories, horrifying medical conditions, and my love of Hamilton, but Halloween Month is still far from over, and there’s one… … 873 more words


The Scriptwriters of Alien Abductions: Dare We Name Them? (Part Two)

As well as information on David Jacobs’ research, I’ve lately found on Netflix a documentary about Stan Romanek. This rather Walter Mitty-ish middle-aged American claims to have been abducted by aliens several times since childhood. 618 more words

Search For Identity

Side Quest: from The Copenhagen Interpretation to a Response from EST17

The next 10 stories in my Side Quest:

The Copenhagen Interpretation by Paul Cornell.  A steampunk espionage story, where the great powers have learned to fold space-time. 389 more words

Science Fiction