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Susan Lepselter on her new book, The Resonance of Unseen Things

Interview by Micol Seigel

Your book isn’t easy to summarize because of the complex ways you weave your various interventions into (beautiful!) narrative, so instead of using this first question to have you describe the book, which is how this blog generally proceeds, I’m going to ask you several questions to try to convey some of the texture of your accomplishment.  2,408 more words

Weekly Post

Aboard the Antigone

An excerpt of my newest short story aboard the Antigone. ( I say newest like its complete, but I actually just started it). This is my first story ever about aliens. 347 more words


Sacrificed by
Blood lines

I’m being
Awoken to
It all

I can
Feel justified
Within my
Life time

But i
Am hurting
From it
All… 171 more words


Universal Citizenship Card Series: The Elevator Dilemma

After spending too much time researching how to build my graphic design skill set, I decided to do what every piece of research recommended: just start doing it… 710 more words

Graphic Design


(3,000 words)

When I think of Grace, I try to remember that she loved me. She did love me. It’s been so long, I sometimes wonder if she’d been real, if I’d only dreamed her. 3,095 more words

Short Story

A Memory On A Pink Morning

The highway above the city, too near the sky,

and angel or a demon came near, touched my face,

emissary of an unknowable God.

A cool summer, cannon fire on the border, 107 more words


Alien Abductions Involving the Deaf

By Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

The term alien abduction either scares people or makes them laugh. It seems there is little reaction in between. However, as more and more paranormal shows make headway into popular culture, the notion of aliens visiting our planet has become more accepted. 1,189 more words

Deborah Kauflin