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Hypnosis Used Illegally. This Looks Familiar.


Watching the news package in the above link about a divorce attorney who used hypnosis to sexually abuse female clients got me back to thinking about ufology’s own David Jacobs. 643 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Lies. Lies. Above the Earth.

Lies. Lies. Above the Earth.

These words appeared to me in a dream a week ago today, exactly like that, down to the punctuation.

The impact was so powerful it woke me up and I could not get back to sleep.

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UFOs & Disclosure

Kill the devils in your life Part 2

And I research aliens doing more and more research. The more research I did it appeared that either these aliens come from the earth or they came from another dimension. 1,151 more words

Kill the devils in your life

We have all suffered. We have all suffered terribly and horribly in this world. We have all been treated unfairly. We have all had something bad happen to us. 847 more words

The Pixies - Bossanova

It feels as though a narrative is in order. Order it then. Place it out on the table like a deck of cards for all to see. 922 more words

Music Review


I was thinking that it might be fun, in a spirit of honesty, to confess what our lowest selling titles are. I checked with the author in question and she’s happy to hold up her hands and confess. 448 more words


A Tagged Fish Story.

Imagine a relatively isolated pond has been discovered. You are part of a science team dispatched to catch a dozen fish from various areas of the pond, examine them, “tag” them with an implanted microchip and then release them back into their fluid environment. 385 more words