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A Girl Is Laughing In The Dark

The dark man, at the end of my bed.
The light that blinds me to the stars.
Up, up, into the sky, to be taken down. 111 more words


Winged Dragons AKA Draconians 1 - What are they?

Winged Dragons?

Reptilian, humanoid with wings, and ridges on their heads or mini horns in some cases. Several names for them are available online.

If you know them, and deal with them it’s because you have a reasonably advanced understanding of the metaphysical world and you have an impact on it somehow. 510 more words


Why are Reptilians following me?

Why humans?

Reptilians are made a little different. Some say they are 4th dimensional beings. All I know for sure is they are hard to see from inside your body in your own living space. 525 more words


The Disappearance of Rivalino Mafra da Silva: Alien Abduction or Foul Play?

Rivalino Mafra da Silva was a Brazilian diamond prospector who lived in Diamantino, a town in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. Rivalino’s wife had died in 1961, and he raised his three sons Raimundo (12-years-old), Fatimo (6-years-old), and Dirceu (2-years-old) by himself in a shack. 848 more words


Tales from the Hound: Some Memories of Encounters I've Had Riding Greyhound Buses

I am twenty years old and moving to California by bus. There are four of us going all the way to California — three African American dudes from the city and me. 433 more words

Navel Gazing

Ship in Air

Here’s a nice anecdote told twice, first from some anonymous Irish source, and then Seamus Heaney’s version of it in verse. This was the first poem of Heaney’s I ever saw, back in high school when someone showed me the… 344 more words


Defend Your Right To Wackadoodle


I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but we recently dodged a bullet!

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has given up his… 804 more words