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Capital Fair - A Photoblog

The last weeks of summer brought the World’s Finest Shows midway to the Rideau-Carleton Midway in Ottawa. 91 more words


Short Story 8/16/19 - Sci Fi

No one wanted to work drive thru in the rain. The awning over the drive thru was not wide enough to prevent rain from coming in through the window. 2,032 more words


Conspiracy theories

It occurred to me recently that much of what I hear from Brexiteers about the EU is complete fantasy. More than that, they have developed some ludicrous conspiracy theory that the EU is the work of the devil; that all foreigners are out to get us true blue Brits. 140 more words

Alien Abduction: Hypnotic regression

Hypnosis is a curious thing. We don’t fully understand the mechanisms involved, some of us think that it is as a silver bullet that will cure all ills, and some of us believe it is the key to unlocking the long lost/hidden memories of the mind. 151 more words

Alien Abduction

That question about financing...

Our production, But Something is There, is not “on spec” as much as a labor of love. The reason we have not asked for a backer is because when someone gives you a large sum of money they want to have creative control as well. 84 more words

August 20, 1976: Drop Your Pants and Say Ah

The Allagash incident was the Big Daddy of alien abductions, celebrated not only by UFO groupies but on television’s Unsolved Mysteries (and we all know As Seen on TV is the ultimate bona fides). 478 more words

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