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Netflix Roulette: Alien Abduction

As promised, I’m back with a new post today… however, once we discuss the movie I watched, you may end up wishing I took another day off. 1,258 more words

Netflix Roulette

Finally, Some Insight Into Steve Bassett's Imagination

Just read Steve Bassett’s June 26th Paradigm Research Group newsletter. At least once a year–usually more–readers of these updates are treated to the near-promise that this is the year government disclosure of an alien presence on earth shall happen. 909 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Alien Abduction (2014) review

Director: Matty Beckerman

Starring: Corey Eid, Jillian Clare, Katherine Sigismund, Jeff Bowser, Riley Polanski, Peter Holden

JILLIAN – “Are those stars?”

RILEY – “Stars don’t move like that.” 773 more words


Would You Leave Earth With Aliens?

I have often wondered if I were given a choice ~ would I allow aliens to take me? I have imagined a spacecraft landing just steps from my front door and offer to show me their planet and tour the galaxy. 280 more words


Chapter 19, Rob and Shipp, Thinking!

Chapter 19

Rob and Shipp, Thinking!

I wonder what my sister wants to talk to me about. Oh well, she’ll grab me up once she gets her own shit sorted out. 5,590 more words


Song of the Day: Space in Music (Day Five). "Will You Ever Return Me? Just Like Frankie Fontaine, I Wonder, What Can I Do?"

Hometown Unicorn was released as the first single from Super Furry Animals debut album, Fuzzy Logic on the 26th February 1996.  The beautifully constructed single is packed full of intriguing folktale style lyrics such as the opening verse:  “I was lost, Lost on the bypass road, could be worse, I could be backward born, Could be worse, I could be turned to toad”.  840 more words


Abducted by Aliens

Shhh. I only have a few stolen moments here at the console. I tried tapping out SOS, but I can’t remember if it is dotdotdot-dashdashdash-dotdotdot or Dashdashdash-dotdotdot-dashdashdash? 290 more words