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Chapter 28 of the novel Shipp!

Chapter 28

The Mission Statement, Or Lack Thereof

       I, as head of my family, and as supposed leader of the mission as pertains to Earth, had asked for a meeting with everyone physically in attendance. 3,102 more words


Emma Woods Has Read David Jacobs' New Book. Uh-Oh.

David Jacobs’ latest work of hypnotically co-created claptrap hits stores tomorrow. But Emma received an advanced copy and wrote to some folks about it, me among them. 1,755 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Sophomore Spends First Three Days of Class Sharing Fun Fact About Himself

An Intro to Philosophy course was thrown off schedule this week when sophomore Jack Grudziak spent the first three classes relaying a fun fact about himself. 304 more words

Notre Dame

August 31, 2015 | Dream Journal

Dream 1

This dream caused me to wake up suddenly and somewhat afraid, I did not get out of bed even after going back to sleep and waking up a few times with dreams that needed to be voice recorded, and so now I have forgotten most of my dreams including this one; but I do barely remember part of this dream and another dream which were inspired by an article on Disinfo.com that I read last night about alien abductions: 1,485 more words

Dream Journal

Area 54 by Hunter Liguore

Published: April, 2013 in Strange Horizons

Genre: science fiction, alien abduction

Length: 19 pages

Setting: various locations in the U.S., recent past… 277 more words

Book Review

The Taking

The outcome was pretty obvious

Written by
Kimberly Derting in 2014

So this book, as I found out halfway through it is actually a young adult story about a girl named Kyra who is abducted by aliens for five years, and then unceremoniously dumped next to a rubbish dump with no memory of the intervening time.

286 more words
Science Fiction/fantasy


EJECTA (2014)

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This Sci-Fi thriller is written by Tony Burgess, who wrote the book the film… 613 more words

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