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Shocking Limericks for the Easily Offended

The saucer I saw in the skies
Was certainly quite a surprise
But my nightmare began
When a little green man
Said: “Greetings!” and opened his flies. 128 more words


David Jacobs is Right But He's Wrong

Over the years many people have thrown the research of David Jacobs at me to ponder because they feel that I’m wrong about the ETs and that they are abducting us to fulfill some seedy agenda. 326 more words

ET Contact

Abduction (2017) - Review

Title: Abduction
Genre: Science Fiction, Parody, Comedy, Horror, Cult
Production: Onview Films
Directors/Writers: Maurice SmithMol Smith
Stars: Karolina AntosikTessa McGinn609 more words


Review - The Stargazer's Embassy by Eleanor Lerman

Rating: 7.9 (out of 10)

On the surface, the mythology surrounding alien abduction is no different from any other conspiracy theory: the complete lack of physical or circumstantial evidence, wild speculation in place of verifiable fact, sophisticated (but easily debunked) pseudo-scientific hypotheses, and, most importantly, a deep emotional attachment by conspiracy theorists to their “truth” – a belief so entrenched in the core of their being that even the most practical, empirical evidence capable of knocking down the whole house of cards is automatically (and angrily) dismissed as propaganda. 980 more words

A Case of Mistaken Identity: an alien abduction testimonial

I’d been to a fancy dress party; I was dressed up like a bishop you see. The party was a few blocks away from my place so I could have a few drinks, not too many mind you, I’m careful now that I’m older, and I could walk back home. 1,365 more words


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