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The Occupation of Vandor [Part 2]

Everyone formed a tight group and followed Jade out the door. As they rounded a corner, Jade stopped abruptly! In front of them were the giant wolf/bear and the alien; the same ones that had taken her captive earlier. 1,623 more words

Science Fiction

The Occupation of Vandor

Captain David Lyons and Doctor Brandon Hunter led a team of three other scientists and Marine Lieutenant Yamada, known as Jade to the group, to the surface of the planet Vandor. 1,224 more words

Science Fiction

Trick or Treat

The ship seemed very empty to Susan. As it is, the ship was designed for a crew of 100, however after nearly seven months in space; a compliment of 21 people became a comfortable number. 1,175 more words

Science Fiction

The Good, The Bad, and The Aliens [Part 3]

“This is the captain of the Star Cruiser Liberty. You have taken several members of our party and are holding them against their will. We are requesting that you arrange for their release immediately or we will board your ship.” 1,722 more words

Science Fiction

Alien Encounter Pt. II

As we made our way into the line for Alien Encounter, I grew more and more anxious. There were warning signs everywhere and the inside looked dark and scary. 104 more words


Alien Encounter Pt. I

Like I said before, my family and I always went to Disney World. I have many happy memories from the “happiest place on Earth” however, I also have a not so happy one. 31 more words


Grimvox Intercept #12Alpha64 Iteration Beta

They found me wandering the corridors last time and put me in the “bubble” for 3 days. But, they didn’t find my secret computer link. What is the bubble? 927 more words

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