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Review of Satan’s Reach – Book 2 of the Weird Space series by Eric Brown

I happened to be in the library, browsing the shelves when this offering beckoned. I couldn’t resist, given that I enjoy Brown’s writing – see my review of… 423 more words

Book Review

*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of KINDLE Ebook The Ballad of Elva and Chester: Or: Mostly Their Fault by Adrian Archangelo

I came across this book on someone’s book blog (really sorry I cannot recall exactly who) and immediately checked out to see if it was available on NetGalley as I loved the premise. 464 more words

Book Review

November 20, 1952: Hi, I'm a Stranger in These Parts

George Adamski had his first close encounter of the weird kind in November 1952 when he and a few friends were out in California’s Colorado Desert. 326 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

November 9, 1979: The Curious Case of the Pointy Spheres

Robert Taylor, who died in 2007, was an honest, down-to-earth British forestry worker, not given to flights of fancy or flights of other strange things. Perhaps that’s why the story of his encounter on November 9, 1979, has remained compelling through the years. 311 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

EARTH ESCAPE - a metaphysical sci-fi space odyssey

After twenty-seven years in sub-sleep-stasis, Captain Jim Tale of the starship EVOLUTION, wakes up, 1400 light years from Earth – just weeks before arriving to the first exoplanet which they hope to make a new home for mankind. 186 more words




by Réal Laplaine


An epic and thrilling space odyssey! A voyage to the stars, takes Jim Tale, the captain of the starship… 29 more words


The One Thousand Series

Bedlam Battle: An Omnibus of the One Thousand Series

Four science fiction thrillers in one volume

The four novellas of the One Thousand series are now available in  one all-inclusive volume.   322 more words