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Gravity, or Worldly Encounters

Let’s say you bumped into someone from another world, other than trying to comprehend why you among seven billion others have been chosen for first contact how would you try to communicate what makes humanity special? 430 more words


Home (2015) Review

While there have been many live-action and animated movies in the alien encounter/invasion genre, 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks’ Home is a family-oriented colorful and fun addition to the pantheon of alien-based films. 884 more words

YouTube Video of "The Travelers"

A marketing friend suggested that I commission a video for distribution on YouTube.  Videographer Keith Kingery did a splendid job – his first YouTube video!  You will see a very few items from my extensive  98 more words

Do You Believe in Flying Saucers?

Sending a man into space was only the dreams of science fiction writers of the early 20th century, until Alan Sheppard and John Glenn were fired into orbit around the Earth in the 60’s. 437 more words

2015 - A New Year, A New Book?

2014 was an interesting year for me. I completed my first book, after working on it for twenty years. Why so long? Before I retired, it was hard to make the time to sit down at my cold, black, plastic keyboard, collect my thoughts, and then chisel them into my hard drive while trying to switch my brain from work to creating. 343 more words

In Search of a Soul

When God made man He took a hand full of clay from the Earth and formed a man. It is my belief that when He blew His breath into man’s nostrils, he interjected a part of Himself into that man, Adam. 411 more words