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*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of NETGALLEY arc Fade Out by Patrick Tilley

I saw the funky cover and was hungry for some science fiction, so requested this one. It wasn’t until I featured it as a Tuesday Teaser, I realised it was a re-release of a book first published in 1977. 488 more words

Book Review

Evolution is "God's plan" - We will conquer alien worlds!

Survival of the strongest is nature’s way

Advanced alien species peacefully explore our Milky Way Galaxy and do not interfere with the evolutionary path of advancing lifeforms. 440 more words


"Surrender your soul to the alien cloud . . . Or come with me!" - Caesar Rising

Roswell warning – Alien war!

The witness to the Roswell UFO alien encounter never understood why the aliens feared mankind.

Perhaps the most complex imagery described to me by the witness to the Roswell encounter was the deep and inconsolable fear that the aliens projected. 493 more words

Alien Conspiracy

Why have the aliens left us? The truth about the Roswell UFO crash

What are the aliens up to?

What plans do the Rowell aliens have in store for Earth?

There has been substantial alien intervention on Earth; for 600,000 aliens had genuinely believed that they were the “friends” of Earth. 341 more words


The Roswell aliens left us something.

What did the Roswell aliens leave us?

Advanced alien species will not interfere with our evolutionary path.

That is why advanced alien species won’t interact with us. 413 more words


Why do advanced species of aliens fear us? Roswell's Final Witness reveals what we know.

How do we know that aliens fear us?

The alien encounter at Roswell in 1947 involved eight witnesses, who swore an oath to never reveal the existence of advanced alien species. 870 more words


"We should NEVER have trusted the aliens!"

Actual words from the last surviving witness to the Roswell encounter. Why did he say this?

Recently, I was approached by an elderly man who claimed that he attended the alien encounter at Roswell 1947. 1,150 more words