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There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth Than We All Know!

In view of our world and in view of the Heavens, we would surely all have to agree that there is so much more to life and so much more going on than we all know.  186 more words

Spiritual Deception

Charlotte and the Alien Ambassador

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Born into a world of silence, Charlotte has always been made to feel inferior to her sister in every way. When her father demands she take Charity’s place in a bride exchange on another world, Charlotte decides to embrace her future and hope for the best. 1,554 more words

Erotic Romance


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It is twenty years since the Visitors have taken over the Earth. In some things human society has benefited with new medical breakthroughs and advanced technology. 596 more words

Science Fiction

The Thing from Another World

∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ (9/10)

The film that finally blew the doors open for science fiction in Hollywood was the 1951 picture The Thing from Another World. Directed (uncredited) by legendary Howard Hawks and starring an unknown ensemble cast, this film about a walking, murderous alien vegetable inspired a generation of filmmakers like John Carpenter, James Cameron, George Lucas, Joe Dante and Ridley Scott. 7,262 more words