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Dead Shadows (2012) | It's Night of the Comet with a Gallic twist

The final scene of this 2012 French indie sci-fi is awesome. If only the same could be said of what comes before…

After a comet passes over Paris, twenty-something Chris (Fabian Wolfrom) discovers his friends and neighbours are undergoing some kind of monstrous transformation that is mutating them into something out of this world. 247 more words


Review: Traitor

Title: Traitor
Author: Jody Wallace
Series: Maelstrom Chronicles #2
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now

Captain Nikolas EstherVorn is a traitor. Or so it was decreed after Niko disobeyed protocol while trying to save Earth from other-dimensional creatures.

601 more words

The Power of Ethics: Alien Invasion

One day, I heard a loud noise came from the sky along with the shouts of the people. I don’t know what’s happening and the only way I could know it is to see it myself. 773 more words

Pixels (2015)

Now in theaters.

With a nostalgia-based premise about aliens using classic arcade game characters to take over the world, Pixels could have been wholesome fun if Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, and whoever else is responsible weren’t involved.

140 more words

Chapters 22 and 23 of the Novel Shipp

Chapter 22

Mom has a Meeting

       They had left the children in their respective rooms. Two bots had shown up with Jane’s personal effects in tow. 5,234 more words


Review: War Dogs, by Greg Bear

(War Dogs, by Greg Bear. New York: Orbit, 2014, 291 pp.,  $25.00)

reviewed by Zeke Teflon

War Dogs  is the first book in Greg Bear’s new military sci-fi series. 538 more words

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