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How To Tell If Your Cat Is An Evil Overlord

It was the second morning I spent in the bedroom of my new Grand Rapids apartment. I was sleeping soundly in my bed, the bed I’ve slept in since I transitioned from cribs, the bed I insisted we cart the forty miles from Muskegon because I’d had enough of dorm room beds and I wanted to finally have my own. 391 more words

Alien Invasion

Apocalyptic Stories

I enjoy books and movies with apocalyptic themes.  The cause may vary from zombies, to alien invasion, to a plague, or even a nuclear war; however, the stories tend to share certain characteristics. 41 more words

The Top-Secret Vision of the Dark Elite (Part Two)

The quasi-political spin that concludes Steven Greer’s documentary Unacknowledged bothers me. I’ve seen this movie too often, where imperialist generals and mad scientists coalesce behind Dick Cheney to take over the world. 787 more words

Search For Identity

Nova Sky by K.C. Song

#ScienceFiction #ScienceFantasy #CyberPunk #AlienInvasion

The great flood swept across the globe, sinking all of Earth’s land masses deep underwater and leaving the last of humanity surviving on floating domed cities. 245 more words

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The Portuguese Men of War

we packed our bags
for the coastal assault
armed with lunch
sticks and dogs
the word was out
no doubt about it
a 21st century armada… 46 more words


Ender's Game

A magnificently intense story of a six-year-old chosen to save the world

Title: Ender’s Game

Author:  Orson Scott Card

Publisher: Tor Science Fiction (1994)

Genre: Science Fiction… 437 more words

When Alien Invasion Starts to Sound Good...

Hello Friday. My head is pounding, it’s raining again and this week hasn’t ended any better than it started. Don’t know what I was hoping for, really, beyond a tidal shift in the space-time continuum, setting us back on our real course. 309 more words