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During the Eclipse

I don’t know if I was the first to think it. How could I know? I didn’t tell anyone what I was thinking. It was too damn crazy. 409 more words


Terrible Movie Skyline Is Getting a Sequel and Its Trailer Is... Actually Kind of Awesome?

From io9.gizmodo.com – You probably don’t even remember that the 2010 movie Skyline exists. It’s one of those scifi movies that came and went very quickly because it was just so, so bad. 21 more words


Hannah Davenport-Kavvan

Kavvan is the 7th book of Hannah Davenport’s Azziarin series. In this series, the Earth has been invaded by an alien species called the Tureis. They take humans and sell them for slaves. 764 more words


Should we launch into a serious attempt to protect ourselves from dangerous aliens, whether hostile or non-hostile (prohibition of gigantically powerful broadcasts, global camouflage, hugely improved military technology, space-war games, or so on)?

No. Simply because of distance.

All of this alien nonsense does not take into account that the nearest star is four light years away. It is such a great distance that traveling at the fastest speed possible it would take at least 150 years each way to traverse.  77 more words


Mini-Review: The Thorne Legacy

The Thorne Legacy

I’m still being crushed (under a mountain of paperwork) at my job, so I don’t have time tonight to write up another magazine review and continue… 403 more words

Science Fiction

End of World Subcategories: Campocalypse Now! (The Wacky Apocalypse)

     Armageddon isn’t supposed to be funny…or is it? The fact that there are enough films, tv and literature to create an actual funny end-of-days category says otherwise. 454 more words


WW3: The Race War against Melanin and DNA

The cave tribes came from different lands and settled into different parts of a whole new world.

The various cave tribes were sitting down for dinner and entertainment. 735 more words

The Vampire Dancer Saga