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Report: Voyage to earth; Day 1

Day:1 Enter The old Earth

Translated from machine language by Rohan Dwivedi

Well, the intergalactic voyage warper is a seriously awesome Mach. It took the IVW about a cpu clock tick to reach the galaxy, then in no time at all I entered the orbit. 638 more words


Report: Voyage To Earth;Day 0

Translated From Machine Language By: Rohan Dwivedi

Day 0

I was commissioned by my master Gin to study the distant planet. When I arrived there Something terrible happened, what the human race couldn’t survive. 167 more words


The Infinite Sea

*Note: this has been posted on a previous blog of mine, so if you have seen it before, I promise it is still my original writing. 813 more words

Book Review

Lithcara {Short Story}

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Wordcount: 1758

Prompt: on their 16th birthday, your character’s parents tell them that they’re actually an alien. 1,834 more words


Purposeless Post

I am sitting in the library right now, downloading music from the albums they have available for checkout.  I’m secretly scared that someone is going to come over here and yell at me because I feel like this might not be allowed or something.   504 more words


Extinction Exposition

This is an idea have as the exposition for a short story I am working on. Please leave some feedback.

The sun had just gone down as the fire balls from the sky started pelting down onto the island. 277 more words

Alien Story

What is left to live for? (short fiction story)

my heart  raced fast, i don’t know what to do. where am i? its like all is lost. no hope, nothing to live for. The battle ended and humanity is lost, Aliens took over earth, and my brother, i and a handful of people were the last free survivors, others were killed, made slaves or subdued to work for those who turned against humanity and turned to the aliens. 174 more words