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Awaken out of the illusion

The world is not what it seems.

You’ve probably heard this all your life, as children we are being forced into participating into a certain program. 351 more words

Perfect Stride

“No!  It took me ages to find that Dino!”  The purple cowry shell broke the water’s surface and quickly sank, belching up two small bubbles from its interior.  11,487 more words


If we were being watched by aliens, what would they see?

What if our planet is being watched? Perhaps an alien race with far superior technology is watching our planet from afar. After all, in our minds, the aliens that we normally think of have technology far superior to ours. 900 more words

The lunatic fringe

It’s a regrettable truth that archaeology attracts far more than its fair share of mentally deranged people, not just within the subject as a commercial and academic pursuit, but also from society at large. 468 more words