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If we were being watched by aliens, what would they see?

What if our planet is being watched? Perhaps an alien race with far superior technology is watching our planet from afar. After all, in our minds, the aliens that we normally think of have technology far superior to ours. 900 more words

The lunatic fringe

It’s a regrettable truth that archaeology attracts far more than its fair share of mentally deranged people, not just within the subject as a commercial and academic pursuit, but also from society at large. 468 more words


Proxima by Stephen Baxter (2013)

If there’s one thing you can count on Stephen Baxter for, it’s showing you just how tiny humanity is compared to the scope of natural events. 139 more words

Science Fiction

World Trigger - Review and First Impressions

In the future, Earth has been invaded by aliens or “neighbors” who continuously threaten the earth. The only way that the people of earth have been able to fight back is utilizing the technology called “triggers” made by aliens who are seeking to destroy them. 160 more words

Anime Review

From Chaos7: Does any of your weaponry have a psychic aspect or component?

The help explained your question to me. I thought you were talking about some sort of magic weapon, but you just mean one controlled by voice, don’t you? 307 more words