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Mokkie's Double Diner

Did you know that Mokkie’s Double Diner is the only place in this sector that serves everything from Trilenkarian froth to Earthlingian burgers and fries? 4,778 more words

Science Fiction

Saturn Kidnapping And Recycling Souls

Tony requested an appointment to chat with me. He had read my recent blog and felt that Totto and I could hopefully help him.

Tony hadn’t slept properly for 25 years. 1,551 more words

The stories we tell

O’durn’s lengthy fingers triggered control after control as the small craft plummeted towards the earth. He was using all four of his arms to keep up with the calculations to maintain the ship’s integrity. 2,673 more words

Bad Writing

Beam Me Up

Blooming with biurnal beats, you rode moontide fractals
to my lunar shore on the froth of space, galactic lilacs.

Oh you sweet sunder-storm, heart of a neutron star, mass… 37 more words

Once-secret, now-closed UFO program confirmed by Pentagon

(ABC News) — The U.S. government until 2012 ran a program for investigating reports of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, the Department of Defense… 254 more words


Transformers: The Last Knight Preview

There were a number of high profile candidates for BMT Live! this year, but as with any crowded BMT field we couldn’t get to all of them. 3,024 more words



When your eyes meet mine,
What can they see?
There’s a shield I created,
With a world underneath.
Where an ocean flows,
Through the doors of my soul, 122 more words

The System's Victims