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Suffer a Soul

People on T.V always talked about the end of the world like it would change everything, like it would be this big terrible thing. A horrible and sudden end to all that had been built and nurtured over the ages, from our emergence out of the primordial ooze, until our mad dash into the stars. 1,599 more words


Short Story #1

It was a dark, chilly autumn evening. The wind swirled spookily around the girls’ heads. Though they had walked up Pearsall Rd. many times before, neither could shake the feeling that something was different – that they weren’t altogether safe or alone. 517 more words

Opinion: Nonhumans underrepresented at Oscars

Take a look at every best actor and best actress nominee for this year’s Academy Awards. The pool of nominees has a terrible diversity problem. What do they all have in common? 432 more words

Uw Madison

What If We're Never Found?

Let me explain myself a little here. I’ve just watched a video by It’s Okay To Be Smart about visitors coming to Earth in 100,000,000 years and finding evidence of us and the Anthropocene. 1,381 more words

Why TED TALKS are relevant for filmmakers? Curiosity!

There is one word that I consider a must characteristic of every filmmaker: curiosity!

Often you hear the saying: write what you know. I prefer the alternative: … 148 more words

Simone Bartesaghi

VHS Collecting

Remember VHS Tapes and video rental stores? I recall seeing some of my favorite movies for the first time on VHS. I remember one summer I was hanging out at my friends house and they had rented Stand by Me. 559 more words

Week 37

Space adventurer Jack Ladd throws himself into the gaping maw of a space-sloth and crawls down its throat. groping around in the darkness he feels for the out stretched shaking hand of his co-pilot Bonnie Lass.  34 more words

Weekly Sketch