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Reject: A ComicBook Screenplay Scene 11

Ext. Run down Warehouse in SunDale-Afternoon

Gabriel Chill leans up against his car.  He is now in a pressed and very nice white suit.  He dabs at his forehead with a silk handkerchief as dark black glasses sit over his eyes.  804 more words


'Alien: Covenant' Has a New Xenomorph Monster Created by David?

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A new rumor claims that android David will have a hand in creating two different xenomorph aliens in the ‘Prometheus’ sequel.BYB. 732 more words


Alien Seed: Event Horizon

“I’ve been waiting to do a movie with Aliens in it since I was at school, since the first Alien movie came out, since I fell in love with Sigourney Weaver and since the Alien scared the hell out of me.

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Ridley Scott: ‘Alien’ podría tener tres precuelas más

Hay noticias para los fanáticos de Alien; si son buenas o malas depende de si fueron fans de Prometheus, ya que Ridley Scott, director de ‘ 71 more words


Ridley Scott Reveals Plans for More 'Alien' Prequels

With Ridley Scott‘s Alien: Covenant overpowering Neill Blomkamp‘s ‘Alien 5’, Scott has some big plans in mind for his franchise stretching further than ‘Covenant’.  194 more words

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'Star Wars' Insipred Ridley Scott To Make 'Alien: Covenant' The First Of A Trilogy Of Prequels

A couple months ago, back when Alien: Covenant was still known as Prometheus 2, Ridley Scott hinted at big plans for his prequels, saying there would be… 253 more words


Ridley Scott reveals he's doing 3 Prometheus Sequels

So just to take a break from Star Wars for a second, Ridley Scott hasn’t said much since he announced that Prometheus 2 will be titled ‘Alien: Covenant’ but now look no further as the Director now plans for three more films, I’m not kidding. 330 more words