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What I Want Strong Now 

Extraterrestrial alien friends that do not have bug eyes and do have pubic hair unlike the typical uglily-looking-in-my-light gum-boot-like figures of aliens -the greens, greys, and similar ones with bug eyes and no visible sex organs. 85 more words

Alien contact from the future

The universe is very big, there are more stars than you can imagine, and even more planets orbiting them. There have been a lot of people claiming to seen an UFO or some other alien stuff, and most are recorded in very bad quality footage. 392 more words


Episode 4: A Series of Unfortunate Events and Resident Evil 7

I babble about A Series of Unfortunate Events, Resident Evil 7, and Alien: Isolation.

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Legendary Encounters: An ALIEN Deck Building Game Expansion

We’re all big fans of the Legendary line here at SuppFire, and the Alien game released back in 2014 is no exception – providing plenty of adventures, suspense and fun in the time since its release. 543 more words



As an avid fan of Star Wars, I have kept a close eye on the hints in Rogue One that connect it to the show Star Wars Rebels. 136 more words

Arrival is not your usual alien movie, and that’s why it works

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If you walk into the movie Arrival expecting an alien movie like Independence Day, you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, Arrival follows in the veins of more cerebral and ambitious sci-fi movies like Interstellar and Contact, eschewing big explosions and action scenes for quiet moments and intimacy. 318 more words


(1956) Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I weirdly watched this version of the movie last and the Donald Sutherland version is still my favorite.

This is where the Invasion of the Dirty Snatches  78 more words