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* sometimes i like to stop and try to see the world from a different viewpoint. i mean, how does the world look from an ant’s perspective? 28 more words


34 Characters We Loved In Film And TV In 2013

1. Alien (James Franco), Spring Breakers View this image › A24 Love it or hate it, Spring Breakers delivered on its promise of being completely batshit. 98 more words

The Dreams Come and They Go

A slivered silvering of collective sighs
Night on the sturmling sea
A long time to collect and a long time to plant
Seeds of revolution covered the disturbed soils
Some nightmares were true and complete
Our great protector returns, and tells his smaller
	descendant to make ready
Aeons in the future
The xenophobic aliens were on their way
The first ever three dimensional novel with multimedia
	and countless crossing lines
The beauty of the dreams uncounted
Silvered in the air of transcendence we become ourselves
Not to be taken uncertain in times of transcendence
Objects of admiration are taken to be uttered
	without cause
Too many, to many, were the thoughts of destruction
Animations and travails were wrought of the oceans of
A structure of rottenness was introduced
I have taken too many symbols into the fold
All on the way to roughness is the waking instant
Too many symbols to count
Being, he wrought mathematics
Being, he opened his heart
Being, he propelled the conversation
Ceasing, he became more
Ceasing, he unwound too many times
Ceasing, he overlooked many flaws
Beginning again, he cooked up

You never know who's listening...

“You know,” he said in bed one night as they were settling down to sleep, “I’ve often thought that if aliens came to Earth, I would be a good sample of humanity.” 291 more words

Into The Blue

Standing on that alien ridge
A distant planet rises
Orange’s and Red’s and Yellow’s glow
The higher in the sky it fires

Standing in pre-Dawn light I see… 78 more words


5 Fandom Friday: Five Favorite Aliens

I’m trying my best to start writing more and more for my own site! I’ve been dedicating countless hours to other websites, but I feel like I should at least make time for TTG. 146 more words

Travis The Grimm

Audio Book Review: Who is Abaddon?

Abaddon’s Gate:  Book 3 of the Expanse

by James S. A. Corey

narrated by Jeffery Mays

The proto-molecule discovered and malevolently exploited in books 1 and 2 is back and has formed a mysterious gate out near Uranus.  242 more words

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