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Social Media Depression

It’s interestng that a ‘new’ study conducted by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania determined that use of social media sites like (and particularly) Facebook  causes …wait for it… depression.   222 more words


I must’ve done something really bad that I’m not aware of to have alienated my brothers from me this much.

WHEAT FIELD WITH CROWS (by Michael Daugherty)

(for Vincent and the too many others)

A grass track
leads nowhere

beneath a blue-black
sick summer

sky; crows attack
the eye, defy

all the slick… 28 more words

The Outsider

They Were

stuck to the world

I mean to shops



they had gone beyond

feeling aghast

and were hanging

in the haze

that had collected… 62 more words


Do Western Christians really need ‘Religious Freedom’?

(Church in Vilnius, Lithuania. My photo. August 2017)

(No. And why its not even important.)

Close the gates! Circle the wagons! The barbarians are coming! 796 more words

Slavery and absolute elite freedom

“For us (Western civilization) freedom has been understood to sanction the ability of creditors to demand payment from debtors without restraint or oversight. This is the freedom to cannibalize society.

604 more words
Class Warfare

Between Two Oceans

In two days of fishing, eight days apart, I caught enough salmon to last me, in spirit, for the year. The ancestors of these fresh-run fishes came from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and it was good to meet this latest generation on the high ground of New York. 664 more words