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All By Myself

Isolation is a popular topic with my lawyer clients. There are so many varieties of biglaw loneliness I hardly know where to start explicating the phenomenon. 1,924 more words

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All real American patriots hate what their country has become. The rest are liars, demagogues & ideologues of the worst sort/Not my America!


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Kevin Keelan

Episode 6: Distraction Nation and Dealing with the Emperor ('s New Clothes)


Discussion for the evening….

Some of the news of the day…

A bit about Distraction Nation, Automation, and Alienation.

Then a bit about dealing with a narcissist… 19 more words




From the outside

To my inside

Looking in on life

My happenings

With others and myself

I see so wide a gulf

Between us grown… 26 more words

The Difference Between Isolation and Alienation

Now here’s two situations that people always get twisted.
Isolating yourself? It’s not the same as alienation.
One of the two is something of your own accord, 497 more words


In The Morning

I lie down in bed

and look out at the sky

a crow caws

I find it so musical

it opens up the universe

for me… 226 more words


Operatives: The Sunday Whirl - Wordle

Make of this as you will, some might say that the ball park changes,but never the game… who knows? 128 more words