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Children raising children raising themselves

There are two things to address in this post:

  1. That we as a society are allowing entire groups to fall through the cracks while telling them stories about the few exceptions that have managed to hold on…
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Viva La Nada!

I can’t wait until tomorrow because / nothing / is going to happen. I love everyday being the  / exact same / and how my / no friends / and / no girlfriend / and I do  / nothing / at our favorite / nowhere./ We have a great time just chewing the fat and planning / nothing  / and discussing how  / nothing / is going to / nothing / the nothing / while nothing / does nothing / nothing to nothing. 62 more words

Embedded Thinking #3

Blog—embedded thinking#3


Abu Abdallah is in an Iraqi prison, awaiting execution for recruiting suicide bombers.  In the following Guardian interview he remains adamantly committed to his cause, firmly resolved that his actions were Allah’s will, and that even collateral damage in the attacks he orchestrated were Allah’s will.  530 more words



It’s strange how,
in a sideways glance,
an unfamiliar place,
a foreign time of day.
You suddenly realize
you’re a stranger
to yourself,
and we’re all just passing through.


Who knew? It's called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The first time I heard the term “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” was from my paralegal. I didn’t think too much of it…honestly, I’ve never put much faith in therapy, or the labels that go along with it. 1,934 more words

Domestic Violence By Proxy

Reciprocal Giving

God does not give Himself wholly to us until He sees that we are giving ourselves wholly to Him.
Saint Teresa of Jesus


Troll Q&A: "So Then Why Would You Want to Get a Doctorate if You Don't Want to be Tenured?!"

Working Rant

I am pretty thrilled to be publishing with The Chronicle of Higher Education this week. When I told a friend of mine, elated, that this was going to happen, she wisely said, “don’t read the comments section.” I’m so glad she echoed what I was already thinking. 1,026 more words