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a little bit of madness

there’s a little bit of a madness here;
it takes me places I ought not to be,
to times and people deemed unsafe,
to dancing where women do not dance, 163 more words

Becoming as Nothing

He who wishes to possess all things must become as nothing to himself and all things.
Blessed Henry Suso (1300–1366)


Dormant anger in the postmodern era and a music review

There are days – more realistically, nights – where I’m so overcome by my own sudden, built-up anger that I don’t know what to do with myself. 844 more words


The Normaling.

So day another passes. It is midnight now as I write this and I am as void of ideas as I have ever been. Still I have no will to write. 293 more words

A critical review of Marx's "Alienated Labour" and comparisons to modern Iraq

‘Alienated Labour’ was written by a young Karl Marx in 1844 in his more philosophical rather than economically-analytical phase. It is dense in ideas and is written in a way that would entice the hobby-sociologist with its beautifully constructed sentences and occasionally emotionally charged statements… 2,007 more words


11 – rewrite

I clamber across rock and skirt flesh. Freezing rain falls straight down in this canyon of close-pressing buildings and with it comes a mist. I do not wish to be in any of these things. 731 more words