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Minister of Loneliness

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a”Minister for Loneliness,” Tracy Crouch. Ms. Crouch is a Conservative MP and FA-qualified football coach… 120 more words


Dear Humans

The depth of your pain haunts me.
Your gentle love-touches burn in me.
The emptinesses you carry
from every loss and loneliness
draw me closer to your shadowed form… 142 more words

Translating Ghurba: Dayzi al-Amir's short story "Mist"


It is difficult to place Dayzi al-Amir (b. 1935) into one category of immigrant. She isn’t a refugee, not exactly a traveler, nor political exile proper, but spent her life in a few different countries, including some time in England and the United States. 5,715 more words


Sickness and Self

Wow: let’s talk, not about any particular book, but about the very bizarre frustration of being more or less incapable of reading (much less writing) for almost a month. 557 more words

From a Sense of Belonging to Alienation (Like a Duck out of Water)

Have you ever reached a point in your life where something just isn’t right?  You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know something isn’t gelling or resonating with your whole being.  1,732 more words

Beautiful Ideas Which Kill: Accelerationism, Futurism and Bewilderment

In trying to construct a progressive, positive view of the future, and design political structures that facilitate such outcomes, there are many ideas. These are the ideas of political philosophy, but they are also the ideas of sociology, economics, psychology, art and literature. 915 more words


We Die Twice

He lives in a cage of flesh and blood, unseen. Hidden from the world around him, he somehow breathes. He survives. But he cries within, feeding on his own tears, building castles of hope. 481 more words