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French Muslims have been bent out of shape for some time.[1] In theory, France is a “secular” country that pays no attention to religion and allows no obvious expression of religious affiliation. 584 more words

Counter-insurgency War


Is there a crisis in the courthouse?  Have backlogs, delays, deferrals and/or the downright refusal to actually decide things created a lack of confidence?

Has the system turned in to one of costly busy work, trials and/or decisions don’t come?   946 more words

Stand Up For Zoraya

Asiaton oleskelu kielletty - No Loitering!

No Loitering! (2015) is an essay film that depicts the ongoing Haussmannisation of Helsinki. Kalasatama, Jätkäsaari, and other large scale building projects currently taking place in Helsinki are creating new physical space in the city but at the same time, a new cultural climate is being forged. 122 more words

Cultural Studies

Thanksgiving - Sometimes you have to dig deep to be thankful  

What makes alienation so easy? Humans need security. To ask someone to stop and question 10-15-20 and even 30 years of their security is something most people cannot handle. 474 more words

My Personal Stories

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“Let go,” he rasps. It’s not a handshake. It’s not even the right side. The man just stands there grinning and holding his hand. Which is swollen and raw. 307 more words


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If he were going to surface, he should have done it by now. Surrounded by blackness, grasping reaching hands hold on. They pull at his chest, get greedy, pile on. 335 more words


Will I Still Be Me Without You?

Let me start by saying this is an uncomfortable piece. It is uncomfortable because it specifically has to do with you. Do not be hesitant to weigh these words and let them strip you, oppose you, frustrate you, purify you, bring wonder to you, and wash over you. 7,427 more words