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Hayek's Absolutism

In reading several articles on Friedrich Hayek recently, two words kept coming to mind: absolutism and elegance. Hayek appears to my inexpert reading to have been a highly scientific thinker, one with a good degree of faith in the scientific method. 1,277 more words


My Conversion Story

I’ve been asked to write my story. Immediately, I thought about the day I said shahada in Anis’s apartment. Then I thought about the day I said it in front of a Saudi sheikh, ┬ámaking it publicly official. 851 more words


Alien Landscapes

Newest collage artworks


Summer 2017

What if your body was transported, across time, across space to another dimension, another universe? What would your terrestrial eyes perceive and not comprehend? 23 more words

Contemporary Art

Word to Mothers

I will keep this short.

A child has 2 parents.




A child deserves BOTH, 2, TWO parents!

Mothers, I don’t care if you are breastfeeding. 157 more words



My younger self reminds me not to forget my shadow, not to leave it out of the story, for without a shadow what are we? Nothing of substance, for anything of substance casts a shadow. 171 more words

Parental Alienation: Scourge of the Divorced Family

A dozen-ish years ago one of my sons started hanging out with a boy, and they became fast friends. Over time I got to know the parents and became friends with the father. 3,946 more words


Property Developers and the Irish State

Dr Hans Sluga is William and Trudy Ausfahl Professor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley, and concerned about the health of our politics. I say our… 538 more words