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The Alien Phones Home

Mom? Can I come home today?
It’s Monday,
the center is closed.
Did I wake you?
I’m sorry.
Yeah the center is closed on Monday. 158 more words

5 Great Fears Believers Should Never Have

We mentioned before that many believers today are driven by fear—especially in very theologically conservative groups. This includes the fear of God, the fear of hell, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being wrong, and the fear of being rejected by God and the church. 951 more words


Trump is a Cardboard Cutout President!

I don’t think Trump realized what this incident was revealing about himself.  He felt that this hapless young man was making a statement which validated him but his affirmation of Trump only demonstrated his own emptiness and testified to the emptiness that Trump has brought to the table.   180 more words


Measure for Measure

This becoming one with the Eternal Goodness cannot come to pass but by an absolute renunciation of our self, and all that is ours, natural or spiritual; for in the same measure that a man comes out from himself, in that measure does God enter in with His divine grace, and he who loses his life shall find it .

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The bleeding heart of a flawed supermum.... or how the hell did I get here?

Well where do I start?  Most will tell you  to start at the beginning, well that easier said than done.  Looking back at the complicated treads of my life so far I think The Fates must have dropped their knitting pattern with my destiny and have just left the mess to its own devices.   281 more words