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Basic Banalities (Vaneigem, 1962)

Basic Banalities

Raoul Vaneigem

Internationale Situationniste #7 (April 1962)

Translated by Ken Knabb


BUREAUCRATIC CAPITALISM has found its legitimation in Marx. I am not referring here to orthodox Marxism’s dubious merit of having reinforced the neocapitalist structures whose present reorganization is an implicit homage to Soviet totalitarianism; I am stressing the extent to which crude versions of Marx’s most profound analyses of alienation have become generally recognized in the most commonplace realities — realities which, stripped of their magical veil and materialized in each gesture, have become the sole substance of the daily lives of an increasing number of people. 13,635 more words



Protest only serves as the prenatal expression of an attitude that must still give birth to direct action. 157 more words


Beset with a serious illness

I waste away weak

And unwilling, rage and rail at everyone and the world

Enervated, I lack the energy

Necessary for goodness… 67 more words


What is Alienation?

“Alienation occurs when workers are unable to control their immediate work processes, to develop a sense of purpose and function which connects their jobs to the overall organization of production, to belong to integrated industrial communities, and when they fail to become involved in the activity of work as a model of personal self-expression.”

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Shelter Blues (ethnographic review)

There is an ethnography called “Shelter Blues”. It studies the lives of people who live in an American psychiatric hospital. In the ethnography the very structure of the building (half unbuilt and Escher like) symbolises the futility of the lives of the inhabitants. 185 more words


Windswept style

Buying me this bonsai tree won’t ground me…


Riding the Train to New York

By Dianne Moritz

Sailors in starched whites,
Jostling, joking, bumming
Cigarettes, whistle as I pass.
Young mothers, beside cranky
Children, seem wistful.
Old men glance up… 75 more words

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