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AVP: Alien vs. Predator: What Could've Made It Better?

See, I liked the first Alien vs. Predator, despite its overwhelming flaws. Do I think it could’ve been a better film. Yes. I think Anderson should’ve gotten another writer to help him make it a better film. 361 more words

A Great Conversation with John Bruno

John Bruno is a special effects genius who has been working in the industry since he began in the animation field in the early 1970s.  He has worked on some of the seminal films of all time, from… 154 more words

SideNote: Will "Evolve" have limited replay value?

SideNote: Will “Evolve” have limited replay value?

My friends and I had a wonderful time playing the “Evolve” Beta earlier this month. The graphics seem strong, the control scheme seems fair, and (although there wasn’t in the Beta) there seems to be a lot of variety in monsters and in characters alike. 298 more words

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5 Great Games You Probably Never Knew About: Online Competitive Multiplayer edition

Here are my top 5 games you probably never played before but have brought new mechanics to multiplayer that make it a lot of fun. These games, while not necessarily the best, are fun and should at least be tried once. 669 more words

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Steam Removes Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens vs. Predator

Steam pulled Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines and Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator from their store page yesterday without any warning, possibly suggesting that this is the end of publisher SEGA’s license to digitally distribute the two titles. 102 more words


'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Removed From Steam

Developer Gearbox’s first-person shooter based on the Aliens franchise and released in 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines, has recently been pulled away from Valve’s digital distribution store, alongside developer Rebellion’s… 109 more words


Aliens On My Shelf

With the new Alien novel comes a revisiting of my collection. I’ve been “collecting” the Aliens novels since my high school years, if not a bit before. 156 more words