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Aliens vs Predator vs Aliens vs Predator vs Aliens Colonial Marines

This video is a retrospective review and critique of the Aliens Vs. Predator shooters, from 1999’s AvP Classic to the 2010 reboot. It also cover Aliens: Colonial Marines, and that game’s DLC Stasis Interrupted. 18 more words

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Avatar: Pandora is Earth- 'Hometree' is Real!

Greetings! And As Translated From http://www.kramola.info/vesti/letopisi-proshlogo/na-zemle-lesov-net –Please Excuse Translation & Grammatical Errors…

Adults and children do not share the same perception. And why? Because the eyes see an ordered matrix, and not as the world really looks like.  6,374 more words

Aliens Vs. Predator

Review: Predators (2010) (The Added 'S' Is For...)

“What if we’re dead?”

Continuing my ‘Predator’ voyage, I decided to watch ‘Predators,’ the third film in the ‘Predator’ franchise. Well, technically it’s the fifth film, but I don’t count the Aliens vs Predator films. 1,189 more words


Review: Predator 2 (1990) (An Unworthy Sequel?)

“Hey, kid. Welcome to the war”

After watching the original ‘Predator,’ (click here for my review) I thought it prudent to watch the sequel, ‘Predator 2’. 739 more words



I just wanted to put down that I am on fanfiction.net as PrincessBastet20. I have only 3 small stories posted right now but I’m trying to get up the nerve to post all my other stories. 399 more words