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Light Pillars Over Moscow

Erect and shining beacons,

Runs in the nylon sky,

This is how they get through: aliens.


They ride the metro in wolf skins,

Learning quickly… 59 more words


Required Reading: Lilith’s Brood

Despite evidence here and here to the contrary, this isn’t just a blog where I watch 80s movies and write about it. On top of slowly catching up on the great movies of science fiction and fantasy, I also plan to read the great books. 561 more words

I Think We're Doomed

Did you ever think that snowflakes might be little tiny aliens that can evaporate back to their motherships, who have been coming year after year scouting and testing our weaknesses and now they have finally begun their full-scale invasion to destroy us? 198 more words


The Paradox of Our Time (Part 5)

“He’s fine. Crashed on the couch-”

A long pause echoed. I heard the clone mutter something and my friend curse.

“You just lied to me! You have been working for her for some time!” 710 more words

Liner Notes

A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #189

April 13th, 2034

My face and hands have swelled once more and my skin is blistering. It has to be a reaction to the power cells exploding in my face. 71 more words


Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nigerian-American writer Nnedi Okorafor says she was so pissed-off at Neil Blomkamp’s depiction of Nigeria and its traditions in ‘District 9’ that… 366 more words