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Diamond the Dragon Fixes Manhattan


Class 3-223

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Diamond. Diamond could breathe diamonds that turned into flames. Diamond lived on the alien planet of Diamonda. 247 more words

Field Trips

Close Encounters with Area 51's Men In Black

Guest author Tasja Dubenko returns with a continuation of her eerie experiences in the Nevada desert…

I can recall vividly about seven years ago my friend… 2,075 more words


Aeroquest... Canto 34

Canto 31 – Slinking Out of Paradise

      Gaijin is one of the most beautiful worlds in human space according to those humans who have visited enough of them to compare.  686 more words


Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien: Covenant (2017)

written by John Logan and Dante Harper

from a story by Jack Paglen and Michael Green

based on characters created by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett… 201 more words

Yahweh's Children - Print Edition

On the first of this year, I published my first novel, Yahweh’s Children, as an Amazon Kindle exclusive. All these months later, I’ve finally completed designing the print edition and you can… 92 more words


Lights Over Tesco Carpark, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Laura Kressly

Poltergeist Theatre wanted to make a show about alien abductions, so they advertised locally to see if anyone had any stories. An email from a man called Robert leads them down a rabbit hole of research and testimonies that often sound mad – but is there truth in these stories that are so quickly written off? 234 more words

Fringe Theatre