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Conspiracy Theories: Aliens

We proudly present the first episode of Kendall and Angel’s new series, Super Sleuthers! The Eye’s own duo of quirky, gabby investigators will be tackling topics from aliens, ghosts, and paranormal events to the most mysterious and UNEXPLAINED theories of our times. 25 more words


Eleven: The (Noble) Savage

Written By: Erin Jameson
Stranger Things 2 S2:E9: The Gate, directed by The Duffer Brothers, 2017. Netflix.

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been learning about the connection between Science Fiction (SF) and Anthropology; more specifically the Noble Savage.  785 more words


Light-Bending Shapeshifters Mystery Solved (2-Part Video)

Most of the public has become aware of a very strange anomaly occurring throughout society as light-bending shapeshifters are being unmasked during interviews, weather reports and entertainment transmissions. 653 more words



A BIZARRE THOUGHT crept into my head today. The thought was preceded by a notion. With all our great potential, we still need another million years or so before we’re fit to be an intergalactic civilization. 990 more words

"Satyr" Apprehended, Released

DYSTOPIA–The young man being sought after a naked goatback ride through Wasteland Park has been apprehended, according to officers from the Dystopia Police Department and Dystopia College campus police. 465 more words

Human Tendencies

  1. They gather in groups for ritual worship of socially important objects such as inflated pig skin, communication devices, vehicles and religious texts or symbols.
  2. Humans are tribal by nature, and individuals who promote or protect their tribes best are the most highly honored.
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