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Message One Home

I learned today of the “Enigma Doorway”.
I know our people cannot understand it.
Twelve thousand “teams” will assemble for this,

under the many dimensions and… 123 more words



1. Falsification
Knights clamored in ill-suited armors, they
Ravaged and pillaged expanses in lost time.
Rubbles of crumbled castle towers, massive
Gothic cathedrals, eradicated in the search… 140 more words


UFO's Are Everywhere...

Almost two weeks ago I fell off a ladder and fractured my left hip. This has me watching a lot of TV. Lately there have been a lot of UFO documentaries on. 159 more words

Sanitizing Sanity, A Vain Attempt? In Vanity?

Nasal congestion,


Doctors suggestion,

Sprays and anti-acid.

Flat screens, digital LCD,

Acid tripping on LSD.

1 part X 2 parts Y 3 parts Z, 2,268 more words

Food for Thought


We were just intercepting and reading all of our current/past students’ emails, as we always do, (for security purposes) and we came across yours. Any message containing over 1000 characters is automatically and immediately flagged for our review. 3,658 more words

WIP #4

Can’t fight the feeling got jungle fever,

A pointless war, agony,

Decades past have you forgotten me?

No soldier left behind,

Company policy.

Down the poop chute, 1,507 more words