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Archons, Gnosticism and The Reptile Agenda

Wondering if there’s any connection between the ‘Blue Bloods’ and the Reptilians?

Happy Days.

The New World Order

Scientists Say Our Planet Is Passed The Point Of No Return But I May Have Just Solved Global Warming

When I opened this article, I was bombarded with numbers to the point that the PTSD from my finance classes hit me harder than a haymaker from… 528 more words

Bar Fight -Chapter 19 - Tyton

Tyton saw Swick nearly drop the beer glass he was about to fill. Leaving the customer to Jocelyn, he ran to the end of the bar, following him as he walked to his usual place. 1,150 more words

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A Puzzle Game About Shuttling Around Alien Pals

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Cosmic Express is a cute and surprisingly difficult puzzler about guiding aliens through a space colony. It’s easy to pick up and offers a lot of challenge underneath all the bright colors. 315 more words


Aliens (1986) - The Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 10)

Aliens (1986) an action masterpiece. Here is why AndyAce83 thinks its overrated. Doctor Dee loves the movie though. It gets a bit nerdy…


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Are Alien Abductors Blind?

It seems that an advanced race of beings that have monitored our electronic transmissions since the 1930’s, as Carl Sagan suggested in CONTACT; if they are abducting women with the attitude,”We have the brains, you have the looks, lets make hybrid children”, Can they not tell the difference between Marie Dressler and Jean Harlow?