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The Fermi Paradox

The basis of the Fermi Paradox is that the probability of another intelligent civilization existing in the universe is so high considering the number of stars and the fact that each star has on average one planet, but this means that the probability of us finding evidence for such is also so high. 147 more words


REVIEW: Oops, Caught by Alli Reshi

 *No Spoilers*

In this sci-fi short story, we follow Mark Noland and Officer Gavson as they attempt to escape from an alien prison cell. The mission was supposed to be simple, an in-and-out job. 126 more words

Book Reviews

Famed Radio Host Art Bell “Freejacked” by Future Shock Jock DJ Terra Planus

I’m gonna start this whole thing by breaking a journalistic norm, and I’m doing this because the great Art Bell saw every norm breaking up all around us, and because of that he pulled every alternative thought into the light. 708 more words


Syria Channeling - Law of One 4-14-18 - Channeled Text

What is happening with Syria? Assad, the President of Syria, is not the problem. He is not perfect, but the global elite wants him out. He is helping the Syrian people, but his efforts are not always going to be recognized. 921 more words

Jesus and Atlantis - Channeled Text

Jesus was an Atlantean, from its humble beginnings to its ending defeat. At the end of Atlantean wars Jesus was not a positive soul. He had lost his way like most Atlanteans, but his agenda was very different from the others. 911 more words


Beyond The Ice Limit (Book Review)


Welcome to my review of this recent book by the team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. As so often with books reviewed here I found it courtesy of a library (in this case Fakenham library, which is a couple of minutes walk from where I work). 978 more words


Roswell Incident

On 8 July 1947 the Roswell Daily Record newspaper published a front page article with the headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region”, and thus one of the first alien conspiracies was born. 180 more words