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The Defilers

While I’ve certainly come across a lot of people that don’t believe in the reptilians, I have also come across a fair few who want to believe. 300 more words


The Mothman Cometh

The Mothman Prophecies – John Keel
Tor – 2002 (Originally published in 1975)

When I picked this book up, I expected it to be fairly similar to… 1,121 more words


Garden Gnomes Are Everywhere

Gerrold’s Gnome Emporium rested beside the highway in Southwestern Montana. The remote location was beautiful, but business was slow. Gerrold wanted to increase sales. He started importing exotic sculptures from… 233 more words

Short Fiction

NASA shoots down claim that it found alien life

After an absurd viral money-grab took the internet — and, sadly, several news agencies — by storm over the past week, NASA has finally broken its silence. 245 more words



Fiction by Brenda Birenbaum


—all night through wet streets, empty venues, narrow leeways—wrists raw, hair flying, sneakers unlaced. No idea why you’re running, you got no reason to be scared—the nocturnal predators have all been rounded up, all behind bars on trumped-up charges. 1,990 more words


Gonzo the Great

Gonzo is kind of a puzzle. His deal is that he’s generally weird, but really he’s only weird in three specific ways. He loves danger, and plumbing, and romancing chickens. 14 more words