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Book Review - Waking Gods

Book: Waking Gods (Themis Files 2) by Sylvain Neuvel
Release Date: April 4th 2017
Tags: Sci-Fi / Mystery / Aliens / Alternative Format
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars… 562 more words


The Emergence of Beings from Inner and Outer Space

There would not be a conscious being who hasn’t looked up at the stars, gazed into the vast heavens and said, “hey, anyone out there?” The dreamers kept staring up with vivid imagination creating stories to suit, the more curious decided to ask lots of questions, some got tired and gave up the quest, others bought telescopes, some acquired statues of Buddhas and dropped deep into the Silence with their puzzles and many researched to see if there was information being withheld by those in power, and others set out to debunk anything that didn’t fit into their logical worldview. 2,456 more words


How to Fact Check a Photo

First, find a questionable photo. Here’s one. It looks like an alien in an underground tunnel, with perhaps some alien ghosts.

Spooky, eh? Now, go to the web site… 1,337 more words


Opinion - Bottom 25 Games: 6) Aliens (C64)

6) Aliens (C64, Activision/Mr. Micro, 1986)

Many of the games on this list are ones I couldn’t stomach playing for one reason or another. Flimsy controls, irritating mechanics, poor level design, unclear or obnoxious objectives, and excessive hand-holding are all factors as to why I would abandon a game prematurely. 261 more words


Off-world incident

I cannot certify for sure what happend back in those days but it is a creepy place for sure even after almost fifty years. The story: 6 more words



I’m excited to announce that book 1 has received its first reader review. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great one. The reader couldn’t follow the meaning of the book, and is not a huge fan of sci-fi. 114 more words