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Crop Circles Demystified

Almost everyone has heard about these strange, mysterious patterns which in most cases appear overnight in fields around the world. The countries which seem to be affected the most by these crop circles are the United Kingdom and the USA. 806 more words


SALE - What if They Gave an Invasion...?

Happy to announce that I will have a story in the anthology, Alternative Apocalypses, scheduled to be launched at the Worldcon in Dublin in August. 49 more words


Alien Absurdities

Evolutionists appear to be incredibly desperate to find aliens.  Finding aliens, particularly sentient ones, would, in their view, be a partial confirmation of their dogma. After all, if life evolved on earth, then it should also have evolved on other planets.  718 more words

The Science

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 12: Creep Recap

There are many ways to interpret the title of the penultimate episode of Roswell, New Mexico’s penultimate episode of its freshman (and perhaps only) season. “Creep” is most obviously meant to refer to Isobel’s wayward alien husband, Noah, who reveals some secrets in this episode, but holds others hostage in exchange for his own life. 12,674 more words



but a harmless bloody crank. Unlike most; especially those who converse with Gods.

Moving on:


more with every passing day that we are fed merely an emotive papful of the Human Story: by science, by academia, and even by some cranks. 367 more words


An encounter of a certain kind - Spin the Yarn Challenge.

I was never one who believed in conspiracy theories or ghosts or other fantastical things. My mother always used to say “He’s got his head screwed on right, no flights of fancy from him”. 430 more words

Short Story