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Don't Worry, I'll Save You!

OMG!  Aliens really DO exist!  And they are white with a green glowing eye.  It must have beamed itself into the house because I would’ve heard it if it tried to sneak in through one of the doors.   352 more words

Golden Retriever

The Voice of God

“God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning – the second day” Genesis 1:8

You’re going to have to speak up Art, “ 550 more words

Flash Fiction

STARDATE - 22/10/2017

Trekkies, Trekkers and…other sci-fi geeks…

So…that is another novel length addition to this ‘Star Trek – The Void’ series finished. I plan to release this story as a trilogy of three novels. 139 more words


Lost Humane Touch

I could relate the present world scenario of human behaviour with this quote and thought of sharing it. Are we not more self-obsessed than before? The modern electronic gadgets enlightened us but made us live inside a shell of self-satisfaction of possession. 60 more words

Daily Prompts

Robotic Mourning and Commemoration: Alien Convenant

This blog came about following discussion with Dr Alex Tankard. I had saved a few images and thought up some ideas, but then dialogue with her made me inspired to write up something. 1,106 more words


Part Three - Daniel Storms - Fort Athens

Another maybe two months passed quickly, after Daniel found out that his kids and ex-wife weren’t in, the newly constructed Fort Athens. But again, for he knew it might have been longer. 1,773 more words


Aliens and Beethoven, Recent Issues

“According to ancient alien astronaut theorists”  every discovery, monumental endeavor, and great accomplishment in mankind’s history was due to alien involvement.  Nothing irritates me more than that phrase.  713 more words