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I think of NO as the guard of who I am and who I want to be as a person

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Saying NO to what is not for you is a first step, so you can say YES to things that are right for you.




We all that one friend , the one that is paying attention. The one that knows what you are not saying, what you need, when you need it most. 537 more words

This is made with Microsoft Word

I am still looking to find a better way to write a post, without using the WordPress Block Editor. I have given up on using Open Live Writer which was billed as the direct Open Source replacement for Windows Live Writer. 348 more words


How to achieve alignment through OKRs [Infographic]

This is part one in our 4-part series, summarising the OKR superpowers.

Alignment is arguably the most important OKR superpower, without it, it becomes impossible to achieve your objectives and what you’ll end-up with is departments resenting each other and competing for each other’s attention as they try to selfishly achieve their own targets. 61 more words


Nike "Leave Nothing" | Breaking Down the Design

This post references a NIKEFOOTBALL.COM advertisement featuring Adrian Peterson, a running back from Minnesota. I found this advertisement on a Design Your Way blogpost highlighting Nike Print Ads. 508 more words



When you finally tap into your purpose,every other area comes in sync with who or what you’ve just tapped into.Its like getting back to a familiar yet new place. 131 more words

What Makes The Great Pyramid Of Giza Amazing?

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Is One Of The World Most Amazing Landmarks. It Was Built By Pharaoh Khufu As Magnificent Tomb, 4500 Years Ago. 105 more words