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Each day ... Choose ...

To do one thing that fills you with joy and that you feel happy thinking about.

Take action to stay in alignment with your goals…This is the seed -> The Starting point ->The first step…Stay in alignment with your goal and this situation can mature into a great success. 406 more words

Aligning With the Axes of the Moment.

During a recent floatation session I had an instant in which I saw time from a different perspective, in a flashing image. Not as a line, but as a string of beads, each holding the potential to burst forward each moment. 180 more words


5 Mindful Minutes: Aligning with "Now".

The idea of “alignment” in relation to time differs from “balance”—which could be thought of as the horizontal axis—moving us from one thing to the next. 301 more words


Texas Two Step

Back in my hometown of Houston for a few days, my mind drifts back to my early 20’s — those post-college days filled with few responsibilities and endless possibilities. 289 more words

10 Reasons Why Employees Don’t Do the Job- Part 1

Determining the cause of a performance issue can be like being a detective– here is a list of 5 major reasons employees “don’t do the job” with possible solutions. 381 more words

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