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No Flexibility? No Problem.

We may face some resistance when reframing our culture’s typical, achieving mindset to accommodate yoga—but this is one thing that separates it from so many other activities. 314 more words


Spider Study Progress

So, on this post, I promised to study spiders. And, I have been.

Check out this video for a look at how a couple of spiders become masters of their territory, creating an illusion of safety that ends in death for those who enter their realm and dinner for the spiders. 38 more words


Inevitably It Must...

The more I meditate, the closer that space becomes in my daily life. A simple side step in my head and I’m in trance state. Colors are brighter, sometimes the lush greens of my unkempt yard seem almost neon. 146 more words


Blind Faith

River is drawn inexorably forward. I’m blind. I don’t visualize well and this manifests in spiritual blindness. I hear just fine though, and amazing input flows in, tantalizing all of my senses but sight. 243 more words


Learning The Spider Dance

Return to nature. Every fiber of my being seems to demand this: break free of the social constructions of the modern world and return to the wisdom of nature. 293 more words



One of the biggest shifts involved in becoming River is letting go of the idea of striving for achievement. Magick happens when you align yourself with the flow of universal energy and allow it to work through you. 146 more words