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the third

“Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road…

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make room for magic

When I was a child, I happened upon a magical world just by lying in a patch of sun on our basement floor. When positioned exactly right in the sunlight stream, I could suddenly see the universe of dust that was always there but usually invisible. 1,034 more words


Dirty Words, Re-imagined

The next time you’re at a party and sick of the small talk, ask someone what their favourite word is. Kibitz. Lightning. Rendezvous. Buttercup. I’ve had some fascinating responses over the years. 1,298 more words


the map of your life

So, I’m reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed (made into a movie with Reese Witherspoon in 2014). It’s all about her adventures, and misadventures, walking the Pacific Crest Trail in the States and her 1200 km pilgrimage back to herself. 965 more words


No Better Idea

I’ve lost my way. Been emerged in chaos and strife. Willfully refusing to care for my body because I was scared and confused about how to do so and closing my eyes to a myriad of financial and professional responsibilities that I’m not even sure how to stand up under. 282 more words


kissing the moment

So, I’m doing a Thirty Day Poetry Challenge. (A hush falls over the room.) I’ve told a few friends. Commentary has been mixed.

One of them assumed I meant… 622 more words


living the love

 Step aside from all thinking, and there is nowhere you can’t go.”

—Seng-ts’an (the Third Founding Teacher of Zen)

Recently one of my best friends in the whole world, who also happens to be a cloistered nun, wrote me this: “Live the love, not the problem.” This was after a particularly heavy rain in New Brunswick, which caused a terrible leak in the guesthouse at their monastery, and a costly repair.

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