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Challenging "Flawless Execution"

A recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article on “Why Strategy and Execution Unravels…” squarely nails a sore spot many of us feel acutely but are too proud to admit: “…no Gantt chart survives contact with reality.” 947 more words


Commitment Review: Increase your IMPACT!

Quarterly, semi-annually or annually (depending upon how fast your commitments change) each of us should find someplace away from family, friends and all technology and step back from everything we are involved in, just for a few hours. 332 more words


Calling: Where are you designed to make a difference?

The first portion of our lives is often spent figuring out what we’re good at and the second portion of our lives spent using that knowledge for financial gain, personal gain, or in service to others (really a form of personal gain). 265 more words


Organizational Efficiency: the game of 'tug of war'

Are all the moving parts of the organization working for the same goals?

Think of alignment as being on the same team or being on competing teams, such as the game of ‘tug of war’ where two teams work directly against each other for their own gain. 370 more words


Each day ... Choose ...

To do one thing that fills you with joy and that you feel happy thinking about.

Take action to stay in alignment with your goals…This is the seed -> The Starting point ->The first step…Stay in alignment with your goal and this situation can mature into a great success. 406 more words

Aligning With the Axes of the Moment.

During a recent floatation session I had an instant in which I saw time from a different perspective, in a flashing image. Not as a line, but as a string of beads, each holding the potential to burst forward each moment. 180 more words