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Reflections in art: 2 - How to paint perfect reflections on water

In the first and previous article, I pointed out how Turner and Cézanne were unusual in showing discrepancies in the reflections which they painted. 2,396 more words


Basic Healing Tools


Is healing for everyone? Yes of course. Are you willing to start or continue the adventure of your life? If so, this tool set will be very helpful. 148 more words


Out of the Funk, Into the Truth: Reprogramming our Alignment

I learned new yoga vocabulary!

Yes, yes, I’ve been boning up on Sanskrit lately;

however, this is NOT Sanskrit.

(Neti neti, “Not this, not this.”) 306 more words


Seeking Guidance and Wisdom

There are various ways to seek guidance and wisdom, and I’ve shared some of my methods on this blog. My experiences have shown me the importance of seeking wisdom, and more importantly, aligning with it. 99 more words


Rare Moon Alignment

“An astronomical event that would have been of great importance to the native people of Ohio around 2,000 years ago is happening tonight and tomorrow, when the moon will align with the largest prehistoric geometric earthworks in the world.” 358 more words


Hints and Tips: Paragraph Alignment and Line Spacing

When formatting a paragraph, you only need to click inside the paragraph, rather than highlighting the chunk of text.

Once you have clicked into the text, use one of the shortcuts to quickly align or space the paragraph. 57 more words