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Unconditionally Loving

Q: I just want to be this unconditionally loving being and I find when I hear… … it just gets to me and I can’t help feeling anger and resentment about it, and I just want to let it go, I really want to put it to rest. 252 more words

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Daily Inspiration 02/27/15 - Just Let Go...And Allow

“I have come to realize that children are one of our greatest gifts for connecting to our Source if we just allow it to be so. 59 more words

Law Of Attraction

Energy Current-See: Mistakes are Ok

Energy Current-See: Mistakes are Ok

I am noting a focused transformation,  a “theme”,  that I was made aware of during  the most recent major portal/gate opening (about a week and a half ago or so), that has a focus on the subject of  “guilt.” Which by the way, is why I feel that particular portal was especially dicey feeling for a few days. 1,280 more words

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Awesome Little Person Quote #1008

I took on a quick project today of cutting some leggings of mine off so I will have some tight shorts to wear under skirts in the Summer since running after kids in skirts can be somewhat nerve wracking. 162 more words

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When they disapprove of you

Know that a person in alignment is inspired to see the best in you and will shine their appreciation all over the place.

A person out of alignment block themselves from seeing how talented, beautiful and magnificent you are – but it is THEIR blockage, it has nothing to do with you. 24 more words


Daily Inspiration 02/26/15 - Limiting Others' Freedom Only Limits Our Own

“In trying to limit or control the freedom of our children, we only limit our own freedom…our own freedom in being the happy, joyful beings that we are all placed on this earth to be. 55 more words


...and relax

Yesterday I managed to get myself really wound up.

I’d had a reasonable day at work. However, towards the end of the work day I allowed myself to hear some things that made me feel upset and uncomfortable. 99 more words