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Quote for Today: Rebecca Solnit

Suddenly I came out of my thoughts to notice everything around me again-the catkins on the willows, the lapping of the water, the leafy patterns of the shadows across the path. 116 more words

Quote For Today

Are You Suffering Over Your Suffering?


I’m hearing this a lot: “I’m being hit hard by the shift.”

So you’re feeling it, right?

It’s rattling EVERY single nerve in your energy, mind, feeling and emotion. 313 more words

Intuitive Coaching

STAR position on light rail extensions

STAR has adopted a position on light rail extensions and alignments. We don’t suggest that we have the answer to which extensions are the best investments for ridership and service, but we do know that SacRT and local politicians have rushed the Green Line to the Airport as the best idea, without ridership data to back it up. 298 more words


It's Already Done!!!

I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been since I’ve written about a lesson God showed me through my daughter Kayla, but I feel like this message is one that deserves some attention. 657 more words


📚Reading & Pondering Today 2-21📚

“In this book, you will learn that what keeps you stuck and feeling weak and hopeless is nothing more than an illusion of the past, nothing more than the fears (real or imagined) that ruminate in your subconscious. 320 more words

You Are a Superhero

We are all superheroes and we all have a superpower; it’s called Love.

I believe we all came to this planet with a unique gift to share, no exceptions. 258 more words