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Purpose + Prosperity Challenge This Week!

Peace & A Love Revolution to You!

We are back with another 7-day challenge just like our 7-day Chakra Challenge a while back! This time, we are diving in head-first to our soul passion and purpose. 207 more words


To Grow Or Not To Grow...

Have you ever had one of those days that started great, turned south with mad quickness, and you made an executive decision to put a pin in that shit and have a great day anyway?  707 more words


Learning DPDK: make your data cache friendly with pahole tool


Taking into account orders of magnitude between speed access to different cache levels and RAM itself,  it is advised to carefully analyze C data structures that are used frequently on cache friendliness. 152 more words


Technical problems can almost always be solved, but people problems are hard

By Jim Grey (about)

I’ll never forget the revelation it was when I figured out how to write computer programs. You mean, I thought,  647 more words

Managing People

Everything is a Vibrating Frequency

Momentum of thought reverts to emotional feelings, these are indicators to what point of attraction that you are in vibration with, and if you have good feeling thoughts, positive joy and appreciation thoughts you are on the vibrational path that is becoming the true alignment of who you really are, and with your Inner Being your own Source. 165 more words

Peace restored

I made my first target weight! Whoop! Whoop!

But let me remind you that this journey is not about weight loss, but nor am I going to deny that that the results and effect aren’t a juicy bonus. 884 more words

Positive Thinking

All is NOW

All eyes (meaning non-physical) is looking through the eyes of your Inner Being, these eyes only see purity, only see good in all, no matter what they are doing or whatever the conditions, these eyes appreciate implicitly, when you are connected to your Inner Being, life feels joyful, life is good and the more good you feel, the more good will come. 134 more words