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Subjugal Formulations

(Inter-Positions {Internal Mapping Systems} Sub-Divided by the Inertia {A.A.M. Advance Assembly Module} – Depiction of the Prototype is “Indirect” by Fields of the {Sub-Normal Proponents of Thoughts} – Depicted Through a “Channeled Medium” – For Specific Core Resons) -> Advancing Through {Simultaneous} (Rendered-Cores {Of Attraction} – Substantial Field Results have been Made) -{Regarding “The” – Depictions, Of the Assimulated – Contact Assisted Simulations} & Core Structural Energy – Has been Implanted, without Much “Distractions” portending to the Initial Charge – (Data Accumulations – {Which is Disposed} through the Tectonic Grids) – Hyper Active Core “Monitoring” (Subjectable Causes of the Assessment).


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Hi Players,

Happy Saturday! So to follow up on my post from yesterday as I have exciting news!

I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing of being in alignment with your intuition to produce desired results. 663 more words

Synchronicity Has a New Name

5/365: I popped into a book store today and a title caught my eye as I flew through the door on a mission. “When God Winks at You”. 418 more words

2017/2018 1/365-365/365

Do The Work.Be it, Don't act as if.

Today I was tuning into the Jess Lively podcast show which is all about little Jess lively on her journey to find inner alignment. It is great to hear how she is processing information that I am absorbing either prior to her or at the same time as her and she gives a great vantage point on all the information she is  implementing into to her day to day alignment practice and helps make it seem real and doable for anyone who is interested in barking up the same tree… 256 more words

Why Shift Won't Stick


If you think you have something “blocking you” – your business – your life – your romantic relationships – your money etc… then you have a block. 282 more words

Intuitive Coaching

Notes from class: Horizons

We walk and look in lines as we are taught. We naturally walk and see in arches and the hold the horizon and gravity has on us amounts to a great lever on our movement. 298 more words


Principles of User Interface Design

PARC principles – four basic principles do UI design:

  • Proximity
  • Alignment
  • Repetition
  • Contrast


Group related items together – one cohesive, visual unit. 325 more words

01 - Interface Design