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Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Understand Muscle Contraction and Isolation (and to just plain relax, dagnabbit!!)

Asana practice grants us access to a deep awareness of our bodies and the subtleties in our movement. There are infinite levels and layers of noticing and exploring, each as valuable as the next. 2,121 more words

4 Questions for Administrators to Promote a Culture of Innovation: A Response to George Couros

1. Are your professional learning opportunities mirroring what you want to see in the classroom?

2. Are your policies and procedures inhibiting innovative practices?

3. Is there transparency in your practice and learning? 

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Put it Back

Why can’t people leave things the way they found them?  It seems to be common courtesy if nothing else. My photo today is a case in point. 79 more words

Personal Stories

Magazine Spread

Hello there! Another week of learning has passed and we were given the time and resources necessary to be able to create a magazine spread. The images I used were collected from lds.org. 351 more words


New Era Magazine Article


This project is an example of everything I have learned this semester so far in one design. It gave me the opportunity to use and become familiar with the InDesign program, create designs using headings, pull quotes, and images, and practice other things like text wrap and typography. 391 more words


Creating a Magazine Spread


The magazine spread you see here was an exercise in many of the principles you can read about on my blog. The intended purpose was to create a 3-page spread of an article utilizing columns, headings, and photography in a nicely designed layout. 681 more words