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the opposite of survival

I still remind myself often of the stark, manifest differences between my life without my abusive ex-boyfriend and my life with him. The strain so overwhelming I had to numb myself against it. 1,468 more words


Radio Show Guest Appearance - So fun!

Thank you, Rev. Vicki Snyder of Ask1Radio, for inviting me as a guest on your online radio show to talk about The Happy Life Academy and Life with Riley!! 89 more words

Movement as Meditation: A Therapeutic Approach

There was a time in my teaching journey when my classes consisted predominately of demonstration, repetition and analysis. I was a strong advocate of perfect alignment. 248 more words


The energy and vibration of life lessons.

After coming out of the car vortex (my recent road trip), I realized I truly believed that much of the human experience comes back to two things: Life lessons and Vibration. 941 more words

Spiritual Writing

How I recognize the voice of my Inner-Being/the Universe

If the thoughts going through my head make me feel worried, sad, heavy, tensed in my body…This is just fear talking. Bogus and unhelpful thoughts. No matter how “logical” those thoughts may seem, the emotional and physical response that I am experiencing are a clear indication that lets me know  that I am looking away from the path that the Universe has for me. 455 more words


NEW THEORY: Stonehenge's tallest stone 'points at winter sunrise'

The tallest stone at Stonehenge points towards the sunrise on the midwinter solstice, according to a new theory from an English Heritage steward. 483 more words

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