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Types of versines used for track realignment methods

There are three types of versines used for the track realignment and rectification methods (Radu, 2003):

  • Measured (existing) versine – the versine measured with a real chord on the outer rail of the real existing track.
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Keep yourself in emotional balance ♡

​” ‘I prefer my sweet-spot to your opinion.’

Which is a nicer way of saying: I don´t give a rip about what you want.”

Abraham Hicks, July 2015

How To Allow

Thundering Thursday

Always seek perfection through becoming impeccable.  Find the inner truth which leads you into proper alignment with all things within the Everything, allowing you to come into harmonic resonance with the ancestors and the Great Spirit. ~ SwiftDeer



3 Ways to Be a Servant Leader and Set People Up for Success All Year Long

If you are a leader, the end of the year is an opportunity for you to celebrate and thank everyone in your organization who, throughout the year, contributed to its success. 518 more words

Best Practices

On Essential Forces, Goblins, and Alignment

The following is transcribed from notes found among the possession of the scholar Highwater Relius-

Everything exists because of the interplay between two Essential Forces. Let’s call these forces Chaos and Order or, perhaps more accurately, Stasis and Change. 595 more words


EDU 6160: Applied Inquiry Teaching and Assessment Methods

The coursework for the fall quarter in EDU 6160 greatly expanded my knowledge in several areas of assessment including design, feedback, planning adjustments and the use of formative assessments.  462 more words

Effective Teacher

Alignment Series: Lawful Evil

Lawful Evil individuals take what they want, within the limits of a code of tradition, loyalty, or order.

Power and the advancement of the self is best gained through law and order. 400 more words