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Links to Guided Meditations

Meditation is a simple daily habit that has profound effects on your life.  For me, it has been the most useful tool in aligning myself with my true desires and staying centered in clarity as I discover my path. 328 more words



I spent some time reading the first posts of my blog tonight, because I knew it would be written in a different voice, and mostly certainly it was. 275 more words

Truth Feels Good

What is Truth?

My truth, is that the only truth is Love.

Love and all that it encompasses.

“Love IS”

Truth feels “good.”

Love feels good. 279 more words


The Joy of Consciously Co-Creating With My Inner Being

I’m spending this Sunny Saturday morning with My Divine Inner Being as I sip a cuppa delicious Oregon Chai and write Positive Affirmations & Lists of Appreciation to raise my Vibe to the Level of The Gods. 417 more words


Meet Our 16 Yoga Journal Cover Semifinalists | Yogis You Should Know

One of my yoga friends could be on the cover of Yoga Journal and is profiled on their website. I met Julie at a workshop given by… 158 more words


Cobra vs. Upward Dog: What’s the Difference?

These postures are constant in the classroom, yet how and why we practice them can vary dramatically. Some teachers only teach one pose or the other, while other teachers give students the option to do whichever pose they choose. 408 more words



Hip hop is making me happy. Thomas Harris lent me his love of music. God bless all the angsty, angry, artist types like him.

I’m only here to record: Yesterday my back and core began aligning. 104 more words