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Typography and Font

In it’s simplest form, typography is the use and placement of type. It’s basically the use of letters and how they’re arranged to both relay a message and do so in a clear and easy-to-read (or not depending on the project) form. 336 more words

Snow day? Hit a curb? Call to make an appointment at West Highlands Auto Repair

At West Highlands Auto Repair we can do alignment here at the 5440 W 29th ave, 80214. If you hit a curb and the steering wheel is not straight or feels like it pulls when driving bring it in or call (303)433-9233 and have alignment checked. 33 more words


STARSEEDS: Remembering Who You Are & The Importance Of Community

I came across Brad Johnson’s (The man who channels Adronis) Youtube Videos the other day, where he spoke about STARSEEDS and how there are predominantly two types of them. 1,281 more words

Ascension Pathway

Can you bring the inspiration?

YOUR PRIMARY VALUE as a leader is to give people direction, to align their work in order to achieve the large goals of the group. 216 more words

Success In Business

Top Tips for Aligned Living

Aligned Living – such a broad concept really isnt it? A concept which for many will mean many different things. For me, aligned living is defined by more than values. 726 more words



The pose of the Eagle.
Always a challenge.
Begin using a chair for stability and alignment,
Then move to the wall for support.
Finally move into the pose with only the support of one leg, 7 more words


And what doesn't fuzz, becomes the catalyst for your truth.

It begins as four walls, the space where you lay your head. Maybe there are marks to show your growing height. Maybe it’s where you learned to dive into the deep end. 216 more words