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Alimony $$

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So I am now communicating directly with her lawyer and it becomes clear that simple answers don’t exist. If you need 20 words to make a point, a lawyer will do it with 100. 269 more words


Alimony $

Alimony is the reward for getting divorced. It’s a word I had heard of… I knew of it but never gave it much more thought than that. 290 more words


Hate is Not the Way | Women Series Pt.2

There are three prominent movements/communities focused on bringing balance to our over-feminized society: 1, MRAs (men’s rights activists), 2, the MGTOW movement, and 3, the incel community. 486 more words


Stand Up Documentary

Thank you to all who supported the Film Premier of STAND UP!

An Equitable Alimony Reform Documentary

Due to Popular Demand

We are pleased to announce… 276 more words

Why Are Women Selfish Creatures? | Women Series Pt.1

Men, the NUMBER-ONE thing you need to remember about women is: They are conceited creatures. If you don’t believe me, whenever you see a woman, or groups of women, doing literally anything, just ask yourself what is driving that action. 613 more words


Song of the Day: Alimony by The Hummingbirds

Monday morning it’s back to Oz in the 80’s with some more indie rock in my SOTD, it’s only been four days since the last one this time! 258 more words


Pandemic vs Divorce

Social distancing is ought to be applied to money when relationship soured. Not according to personal financial magazine. This is their advise to their female readers: 296 more words