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Scandal Free Obama

According to BHO he hasn’t had any scandals.  Was he on a comedy show again?

Pastor Ward Clinton


People forego a portion of their liberty to form cooperative societies that allow them to work collectively to advance civilization, but Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to subvert the benefits arising from cooperation through identity politics and plans to continue doing so to subvert Donald Trump’s efforts to repair his damage. 2,462 more words


A Grand Canyon-Sized Divide Between Democrats and Christians

A Grand Canyon-Sized Divide Between Democrats and Christians
By Louis DeBroux

Eight weeks after progressive Democrats’ world was rocked by the Earth-shattering, this-can-NOT-be-happening realization that tens of millions of “deplorable” Americans had turned out to vote for Donald Trump, thereby depriving Her Royal Lie-ness, Hillary Clinton, of the presidency, they are still dredging the depths of the political ocean for answers as to why they lost. 996 more words

The Professor: What Does the Election Mean?

“Before I start this morning session, do you have any fundamental questions to ask?”

Several hands were raised, and the Professor nodded at Carlos, who asked, “What does this election mean in the context of two-party government in the coming decade?” 672 more words

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