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Hillary Caused Libya's Current Troubles

Sure, he was no saint but he was far better than what Hillary replaced him with.  Hillary was one of the main instigators of his being deposed, perhaps in part because he refused to “contribute” the the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme.   13 more words


Obama's Legacy

Obama built that, he sure did.  Hillary is Obama

–Pastor Ward Clinton

NYC Bombing, Wake Up Call

Hitler wrote a book called Meine Kampf.  In it he spelled out his plan to exterminate the Jewish people. He did not hide the fact that he hated the Jews. 260 more words

Clinton Foundation is a Fake Charity

D’Nesh thinks the Clinton Crime Family’s “Foundation” is a fake charity and he tells us why in this video.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

The Deplorables - The Movement

Starring: Religious Americans, those serving in the military, the middle class, free thinkers, gun owners, gay Republicans, blue collar workers and anyone else who doesn’t buy the lies of the liberal elites.

Pastor Ward Clinton

Hillary's Map of Deplorables

Actually Hillary is an elitist snob and doesn’t even like her own supporters much.

–Pastor Ward Clinton