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0330 | Spy

Writer / director Paul Feig’s third collaboration with Melissa McCarthy is a spoof on the male-centric spy genre, though in truth it only ever manages to fix its sights firmly on the James Bond films, mimicking the work of John Barry, the use of gadgets and the glitzy locations while incorporating its own versions of the helicopter, plane and motorbike stunts that have become… 556 more words


I SPY...a Melissa McCarthy film!!

NO MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS HERE, but if you’re someone that doesn’t want to know ANYTHING before you see a flick, then fine, navigate the fuck onnnnoutta here. 930 more words


Spy (2015)

Spy just isn’t funny.  It might be to you but, save for some fun moments where Jason Statham revels in self-awareness… well, humour is subjective and I just don’t get this particular rambling, post-Apatow brand.   136 more words



Musicals are extravagant fun with song and dance scenes thrown in for seemingly no reason, and it is absolutely hilarious when someone actually points that out (Thank… 458 more words


The Duff - review

Bianca has a revelation, she is the dowdy one in her group of friends, her purpose to act as a sort of filter, stopping any losers getting to close to the queen bees. 209 more words



This film is so simple yet so entertaining and fun to watch. I really thought it was fantastic and this was the first film of Ellen Page’s that I’d seen. 350 more words