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Dan in Real Life

Released 2007 Rating (UK) PG Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s Script Pierce Gardner, Peter Hedges Writer/s Story Director Peter Hedges Starring 146 more words

Zoom (2015) Review

Zoom is an interesting film that somehow makes three separate storylines, styles, and sets of characters fit together in a cohesive way that is actually pretty impressive. 663 more words


MISS SLOANE (2016) - My rating: 8.5/10

Miss Sloan is not for everyone however it’s still a well done work of art. It’s actually bordering on a Wall Street flick, filled with all the banking lingo, complex deals and fast paced wheeling and dealing we’ve seen in movies like Wolf of Wall Street and the 1987 Michael Douglas Oscar winning, Wall Street. 381 more words


Flash Movie Review: Miss Sloane

THERE was a parked delivery truck in the middle of the street blocking my way. By backing up I was able to turn into an alley that would take me behind the block so I could continue on my way. 501 more words



Oh my god, I love me a good Jessica Chastain movie… but since she’s amazing in anything and everything that she’s in, that’s never a problem. 1,020 more words


'Miss Sloane' Movie Review

Well, Miss Sloane wants to win at everything and she will say and do anything to get it. This is a strong political movie so if you’re not interested in hearing about lobbying and a lot of political jargon, don’t go. 45 more words

Drama Movie

Miss Sloane (2016) Movie Review

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain), a take-no-prisoners Washington lobbyist, comes under scrutiny by Congress for potentially illegal dealings. The film opens on a Congressional hearing, then jumps three months back to establish how Sloane ends up in this situation. 267 more words

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