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Thanks! And Your Cornucopia of Books Overfloweth this Holiday Weekend!

We’re grateful to our wonderful bookshop family: our customers, our neighbors, our friends, and all of the beautiful books we’ve read this year and plan to read in the next year.  416 more words

Short Take: Hubris - Alistair Horne

Horne is a historian’s historian. His editor calls this book the capstone to Horne’s distinguished career, noting that it has “all his trademark qualities — wonderful writing, exciting narration, colorful and incisive pen portraits of the great commanders, and a wry and eloquent perspective on the long sweep of history.” Using six major battles of the 20th century to illustrate his point, Horne argues that “hubris”—an excessive pride or arrogance – blinded to loser to their critical missteps. 109 more words


[761] Seven Ages of Paris - Alistair Horne

“A great city is…a work of art. It is a collective and complex art, it is true, but this makes it an even higher form of art.” -Guillaume Chastenet… 523 more words


Reading "Seven Ages of Paris"

How Paris Became Paris chronicles the major architectural and changes in Paris rendered by Henry IV and Louis XIV in the 17th century. Now I’m ready to tackle something grander, more epic and covering a wider period of time— 181 more words


A Savage War of Peace

I knew almost nothing of the war of liberation in Algeria, and this was an enormous introduction (624 pages worth), bringing immense satisfaction at finishing it. 3,123 more words


Embedded Symbolism: The Putin Complex

Barry Blitt, cartoonist for The New Yorker (TNY), has made a career out of political satire. He is possibly best known for his controversial 21 July 2008 cover for TNY of US presidential candidate at the time, Barak Obama. 944 more words

Embedded Symbolism

Advice from Alistair Horne

Alistair was introduced before his lecture as a Project Developer/ Manager at Cambridge University Press. Here’s a few pointers he had to offer… 406 more words