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In the Confines of Fear

Just to be clear, you deserve to be happy. Just to clarify, you deserve the things you want. I just want you to know, if you love someone you deserve to be loved in return. 452 more words

Cat Attack

Scruffy is such a snot-wand. He eats everything. Hopefully he doesn’t eat me out of house and home. Also, Grand Rapids happened. Lots of fun peeps. 26 more words

Missing Teen found in Texas - KernGoldenEmpire

BAKERSFIELD, CA- A teen girl missing since June 11 has been found in Texas, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Amber Woolwine, 16, was reported missing be her family, Deputies said Woolwine was with Max Kozak, 47, when she was found near Amarillo Texas.


A statement of perception & compassion... 

‘Never make assumptions on your own perception.’

How we individually perceive anything can be slightly or occasionally totally different from another, therefore is to realise that our assumption of how we grasp something or someone is only an opinion derived to by our understanding… Point being too many I know seem to forget we all see through different eyes; I just needed to put it out into the ether, a vent of some sorts I guess, just am unable to comprehend that people I hold dear have the most intollarent & narrow minded view of some things & in the end that just breads difference & intimately that begets more groups within groups that already exhist to create an deeper ideology that one group of people or a place or anything really within context is better than another… & that I can not grasp… … 62 more words



Welcome to my day of age smothered in hidden secrets exposed,
take a deep breath, keep in silence, all things seem to be on hold, 163 more words



I remember when I used to write for love, for hope, to feel alive.


Please follow link, sign up and comment on my poems ion Artsheba. 23 more words


What does it mean to feel alive? Does it mean to love, to hurt, to hate, to feel joy? When do we stop going through the motions and begin to live? 513 more words