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Hear no evil

I was passing through one day and I overheard two 16 years olds say to each other:

“I don’t understand that girl doesn’t have a kid she go out and get drunk” 106 more words


Sia - Alive

This is Sia with her song Alive. Music video from VEVO, YouTube.



the fog spread across the windows and your voice spilled between the cracks in the backseat of the car. shattered glass shouldn’t be touched with fragile hands like mine, yet i’v been pricked and, yes, i bled. 123 more words


Your time under the sun....

Every morning, as the sun rises, casting a net of resplendent hues over clear blue skies, I feel something. It brings the warm earthy tones back to the earth.   562 more words


L"I"fe... It all depends on "I"

L”I”FE is incomplete…without “I”. I brings the completeness to Life…the wholeness ….the pulse into Life.. Makes it AL-“I”-VE…

The problem arises when “I” does not accept “I”… I feels rejected…sad…depressed…fragmented.. 97 more words