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Fuga de sine

Țigări, mâncat compulsiv, dulciuri în exces, relații cum or fi numai să fie, mulți oameni și de fapt puțini, muzică dată tare, zgomot de fond, sport în exces, dependență de muncă, plecări frecvente, droguri, evadare după cum ne e la îndemână să uităm de noi. 542 more words


Are you ready for the impact?

I’ve walked back into the darkness, I promised myself I’d stay away this time.

I found something bright and beautiful and I danced with it for a while… 236 more words

What Do You Want?

What do you want to accomplish? Have you tried to accomplish it? Have you failed? Succeeded?

We all have something deep within us that drive us, that makes us feel alive. 201 more words



I like doing this with you, she says, and I look away from the wild roses just beyond us in the yard, their bold red beauty twisting madly toward the limitless sky, jutting elegantly through the slats.   553 more words