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Week 13

This week has been pretty good for me. First off I wrote an amazing blog which I am very proud of, discussing sexual abuse in the African-American community. 1,552 more words



Or is it meterstones? Passing what I would have called “milestones” with tongue in cheek here in Israel,or I guess it could also be called rites of passage. 386 more words

Clarifying Values

Camp Nowhere

So there I was, in this small (refugee-camp resembling) student village in the south of Israel, questioning the manner in which I make major life decisions (- like, you know, moving to a different country and joining the army). 547 more words

Did You Know...? v2

In the late 1940s, Alaska Airlines airlifted thousands of Yemenite Jews to Israel, assisting in their dramatic evacuation and aliyah.


Hebrew Roots

Buying Property in Israel is Getting to be More Expensive

While you can still find good deals on affordable homes in northern Israel, buying property in Israel is not as cheap as it used to be. 138 more words

Buy Property In Israel

Israel’s Claim to Middle East Is Based on a Covenant that They Broke; Aliyah is soon, but not yet

Israel has no right to the land except by the covenant made with Abraham and renewed at Sinai, but Israel broke the covenant. That’s why God allowed Assyria to take them captive in 722 BC. 505 more words


are we there yet?

We finished our Ulpan last night. Well, we took the final exam. We thought the final session would be a party this Thursday night after the Fast of Esther is over. 413 more words

Clarifying Values