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Trying to Climb Out

Once again it has been an intense week. So much has happened and I have too many thoughts and feelings.

I really have been feeling lonely. 855 more words


Being a 20-percenter

A few years ago, I came across a pre-Passover Charlie Harary video. In it, he shared that of the thousands of Jews living in Egypt at the time of the exodus, only 20% decided to seize the opportunity to walk out of slavery and into freedom. 472 more words


On the day I arrived in Israel 15 years ago, February 8, 2002, I planted an almond tree in my aunt’s garden.

There were some hard days for that tree and it seemed like it died.  42 more words

Friday Email

Ordinary People

As part of some research I am doing for a friend, I came across Chaim and Rachel Mittleman, two ordinary people.  Someone in their family thought to video Chaim telling the story of his life and his coming to Israel.   419 more words

Week 7: The Worst Week so Far

Well I have had a pretty good run at things running smoothly overall since making aliyah. Over the course the past 7 weeks, despite my very limited Hebrew, I have gotten a cellphone plan, opened a bank account, gotten a Rav Kav, found a job, received my first paycheck, gone on a date, and generally have a clue about the way things work. 818 more words


Want to Buy Property in Safed, Israel?

If you are holding out for a new apartment in Safed, there is some great news for you.

Seventy-five acres were purchased recently by two frum developers at the top of the Canaan neighborhood in Tzfat. 174 more words


Israel's recent Unemployment Rate

Israel has a lower unemployment rate and salaries are on the rise:
I would say that it very much depends on where people live.
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