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Operation Moses, Where IDF Brought 8,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel, Celebrates 31st Anniversary

This aliyah effort, which began November 21, 1984, was followed by Operation Solomon in 1991, which brought 14,000 Jews to Israel in 1991.

Image: Cabra Casai, singer of Idan Raichel Project.  23 more words

I made aliyah for different reasons than those coming from France who are motivated by fear

Paris attacks shed light on aliyah in good times and bad times
by Eliana Rudee
November 18, 2015

Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening to express a type of grief they know all too well, following the murderous terrorist attacks in Paris. 110 more words

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Report: Government May Resume Ethiopian Aliya

“They must be brought to Israel and reunited with their families. They are undivided part of our community,” says MK Abraham Naguise.

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Source: Jerusalem Post.

Thy Kingdom come...

Early this morning I was greeted by this email from Ephraim and Rimona Frank, of Israel.  Parts of it really resonated with me and I immediately wanted to share it, but I had to head to work. 1,096 more words

A Thought...

Chanukah Hanukkah Is Almost Here

Shalom Y’All:

It’s been almost four months since we made aliyah, but it seems like years.

During this time In Israel we bought a new car, a new stovetop,  a new TV, and various small appliances which we should have bought in the States. 769 more words

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Check out my delicious dips with stunning pictures on my Savta’s hand embroidered tablecloth. I think she would have been proud to see that we have made Aliyah and are living in Israel just as she and Sabba did. 23 more words

What's it really like?

Perhaps the question people ask most often is “what’s it really like, living in Israel, when all these attacks are going on?” And you can’t really explain it, because how can you explain it, without sounding either freaking out crazy (OMG,  you cannot imagine how scary it is to leave the house, when any second someone might stab you!!!) or nonchalant (Well, it’s terrible what’s happening, but we can’t let it get in the way of living our lives). 335 more words

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