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Oleh who actually converted his foreign Drivers License gives TED Talk

*Based on a true story!

By Emily Goldstein and Mark Levy

Last Updated 11/21/2017 at 2:20 PM

Namal Tel Aviv: Israel’s Olim Community turned out in their finest outfits at Tel Aviv’s upscale Namal Port for the event of the season: a TED Talk by a recent immigrant to Israel entitled “ 471 more words

Start Up Nation

It's the Small Things

I studied with my son for his geography test last night. (Off topic, but- go me! I actually understood 95% without using Google Translate!) One box on the side made me pause and have that special “Wow..so THAT’S why I’m here” feeling. 208 more words



Jesus gave us a powerful revelation at his last Passover on planet earth. He said that it would not be fulfilled until He established the Kingdom of God. 395 more words

End Times

Aliyah to Jerusalem?

No doubt about it that the video below is just showing the positive sides of making Aliyah to Jerusalem: The nicest neighbourhoods and happy Olim (new immigrants). 452 more words

Dystopian Novel depicts a nightmare future Israel run by Anglo Olim

By Mark Levy

Last Updated 11/12/2017 at 6:20 PM

Ra’anananadingdong: Israelis were frightened to their very core this week with the release of a chilling dystopian novel depicting life in a future Israel that is run by Anglo Olim. 320 more words

Secret Tel Aviv

The Olim Files #10: Autumn Symbols

What images do you associate with the word “autumn”? I think of red, orange, and yellow leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, and big plump turkeys.

In Israel, the symbols are very different. 272 more words

The Olim Files


Growing up in Brooklyn, NY  I didn’t learn what a community was. If you knew more than 5 (if that!) neighbors on your block it was considered a big deal. 241 more words