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The Root Cause of Cancer

More than 1500 people die every day from cancer, pretty scary thought really, that’s over half a million people every year and…… the numbers just keep growing.   436 more words


pH Test – How Accurately Can It Predict Health?

First, what is the pH test? It’s where you test the alkalinity or acidity of your urine first thing in the morning. The theory is that if your urine measures alkaline, that’s a sign you’re healthy, whereas if it’s acidic, it could be an indication that your body is struggling to cope. 579 more words

PH Indicator Paper

Shingles Virus

Hello everyone! I apologize for not writing for a while. So I am back! I open with a topic that is probably most interesting to everyone “The Shingles Virus.” Recently a family member developed the Shingles Virus, also known as the Herpes Zoster Virus, Hives, and Angioderma. 1,201 more words

Vitamin C

Something Sweet and Healthy Just For You

This sweet treat is a great way to enjoy the holiday food and still make healthier choices.

2 large Avocados pitted and skin removed

4 scoops of vanilla protein  126 more words

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Did you know that Body pH determines if cancer develops?

Yes, science has discovered one definitive cause AND cure of cancer!  Acidic blood is the root of cancer cells survival.  The disease literally feeds off the glucose in human bodies that we are ingesting every single day and thrives in this environment we create for it.   216 more words

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Alternatives to Chemotherapy & Preventing Cancers

1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. 1,161 more words

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