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How can alkaline ionized water affect your digestion

Drinking alkaline ionized aids digestion. Alkaline ionized water is essential for good health. It and other liquids help break down food which can beeasily absorbedby the body to get nutrients. 

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Alkaline Water Benefits

Top 5 Undersink Water Ionizers (New for 2020)

Water ionizer technology continues to improve, especially in undersink models. For the most part, there aren’t any bad choices but some models are VERY expensive and some have better design and features. 25 more words

Alkaline Water

Best Alkaline Water Filter – Drink Healthy & Stay Healthy

Plastic bottles have ruined the oceanic life. Modern oceanopreneurs have taken the reigns to infuse innovation and eco-friendly measures to provide high-quality solutions. 225 more words

Alkaline Water

How I combat acid reflux

I absolutely hate acid reflux. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it my entire life. I didn’t know what it was until after I received the Crohns diagnosis. 446 more words


Natural tips to hydrate your body

One of the ways to boost immunity and live a healthy lifestyle is by staying hydrated. But, is drinking 8 glasses of conventional water everyday enough?

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How alkaline water can help prevent diseases

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on water and how it can help prevent diseases. Yes, a simple resource that God put on this earth for us, is the healthiest beverage for the human body. 1,251 more words

Hydrated and energized to go the extra-mile

Introducing the new age alkaline water – the powerhouse of numerous minerals and calcium. Make your mornings healthy and boost your immunity because Alkaline keeps you going.

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