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A Chemist Questions a Claim: Part III

We’ve now established that we can, in fact, pH test this “untestable” Essentia water, and it is, in fact, not especially “basic”. By “basic”, I mean alkaline (pH greater than 7). 384 more words


A Chemist Questions a Claim: Part II

Today I’m here to test the claim that the Essentia alkaline water is “too pure to be tested”. We know from last week’s post that this is actually impossible, provided we have the means to test pH over the entire range of the pH scale, 0 – 14. 408 more words


A Chemist Questions a Claim

You know those parenting moments when you find yourself with three minutes of unanticipated silence on an unending Saturday, and you just stare dumbly at something in the kitchen, unable to even fathom that you are, in fact, in silence, and far more unable to act on it? 468 more words


What are you Missing by not Drinking Alkaline Water?

By now you must have heard about alkaline water and the benefits it offers. But not do all drink or get to drink alkaline water in their lives. 211 more words


Alkaline Water - Does it cure cancer

The elixir of life, Water. The most important fluid that we need. We can live without coffee, we can live without boba milk tea, but we cannot live without water. 430 more words

The Financial, Economic Benefits of Being an Enagic International Distributor

I always tell our grandkids, “Sharing is Caring”.

It is a blessing to share the Kangen Water benefits, as well as the Enagic Business Opportunity… 258 more words

Improve Health

Liquid Diet

The Mouse drinks today.

And coffee from the office.

Doctor imposed. If The Mouse had his way, there would be a bit of whiskey, whisky, and rum too. 72 more words