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Water: Alkaline, Raw, Crystal-Infused, Sparkling or Curryed?

You are what you drink. The new trend of raw water banks its entire business on this, tapping into the desire for greater unity with nature. 882 more words


How to: Get Rid of Parasites

It’s hilarious how people who eat animals literally refute the idea of having parasites and health conscious people do parasite cleanses every 6 months.

Mastering Self… 523 more words


Sweet and Salty Root Vegetable Salad

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere” – Vincent van Gogh

I always notice that quote on my tea bag when I’m drinking Traditional Medicinals.

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The Alkaline Diet Day 1 - So far, so smoothie

So I spent yesterday gathering together all the information I’d need to set myself up for the Alkaline Diet, and remembered – although I haven’t done it before, but I have read it before – that a big problem with it is the lack of consensus over which foods are alkali and which are acid.  610 more words


Coffee News - Alkaline water - what is it?

Have you heard of alkaline water? The chance you don’t is a close to zero. There are certain groups of people who have explained why this type of water is healthier than the regular one. 10 more words

Elle Macpherson made me do it

So here’s a thing. A few weeks ago I read Elle talking about how TAD changed her life. It stuck in my head because Elle is 53 and so am I, so if it works on her menopausal body maybe it will on mine. 51 more words


High Fat Creamy Dill Dressing

Homemade dressing is always better than anything you’ll find in a jar at the store. If you haven’t done it yourself yet, this is a very easy one to get you into the habit. 156 more words