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Yin and Yang in nutrition

All foods have two properties. Either you call them Yin and Yang or alkaline and acidic it is the same thing.

Storing energy is Yin and it is the same as higher blood sugar and estrogen levels. 134 more words


Talk-About-it Thursday: Organic pads

Greetings readers,

This weeks vibe is organic organic organic. Pads are on my radar. Specifically…

These pads feel amazing, super moisture hold and are natural to wear. 41 more words

Workout Wednesday: Cardio and weights

Greetings readers,

Cardio and weights are needed for homeostasis. My routine is 8 hour workout plans. 30 minute cardio and 30 minute rest mixed with weigh lifts on different sections on different days. 72 more words

Fun Friday: Are you having fun playing the game of life?

Greetings readers,

During my morning routine of playing mahjong, I thought of how I keep going up a level. I enjoy playing the game regardless of winning or losing. 72 more words

I Tried a Grape Fast

Hey everyone,

Our time is precious, so thank you for carving out some of yours and visiting my blog. Grape fasting is a subject that caught my eye during my past year of research. 924 more words


Alkaline Diets

It’s been said that this diet is a way to improve health by eating foods that effect the pH balance in the body. Claims in the media say it can cure cancer, reverse obesity, rebuild your tissue, give abounding energy and mental clarity.  786 more words


My Alopecia Story Part 1

January 2016 was the first time I ever shaved my head. I’ll never forget it. I was crying so hard I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. 389 more words