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Projects! : Update

So this is going to be a very short post just explaining a couple of things.

A) I broke many rules that I have established from the original post, I am aware, but I am also aware that I learned something new… 173 more words


Projects! 2: Creative Coding Meshes in Open Frameworks

My second project was rather simple once again. I followed this tutorial to make a program that makes a mesh out of the webcam feed then adds perlin noise to the vertexes to give it an organic like movement. 374 more words


Projects! 1: Online Multiplayer in Unity

To start things off the series of projects I finally learn how to do online multiplayer in Unity which was something that I always meant to do but never actually did, this project offered a very nice excuse to start learning. 445 more words


The #asmileforasmile Challenge

This is a very special blog for the chronically ill. Jessica has a Facebook pageĀ  called “The World of One Room”.


She has been sick since becoming a teen and is about 22 right now. 214 more words


What The Old Ones Know

What The Old Ones Know

Patinas, silvers and faded browns

dimming lights and diminishing sounds

Creaking hinges and crooked doors

gnarly feet on wooden floors… 133 more words


Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Part of the joy from fulfilling dreams lies in the dreaming of them. We take them apart piece by piece trying to make the dream work. 216 more words


How You See Yourself Is Everything

image from secretsofthedisabled.tumblr.com

The Last Dance
With wisps of hair across her beautiful face
Tears on her cheeks your finger could trace

She stood there with head bowed in humble prayer… 227 more words