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Have You Put Yourself In A Prison Cell?

When we think of prison, we think of criminals. What we don’t think of is that sometimes we can put ourselves in a prison cell just by our thoughts. 889 more words

Dwelling On The Negative

As most of you know, I am a very positive person and I do not dwell on the past or things that have happened for I find it impedes my moving forward. 894 more words

What We Are Not Taught

I was laying here last night watching a show on the Amish community. It was really interesting. One thing they said was that the schooling the children got was to prepare them for their lives as adults. 1,918 more words

Awakening The Warrior Within

For a largeĀ  part of my life, I was passive, took the path of least resistance, did not defy or stand up for things and especially not myself and I did not know how to defend myself. 824 more words

The "What If" Card

Dreaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes one can have but many dreams never come to fruition and the reason for that is what I call the “what if” card. 534 more words

The Defining Moment In Life

Words are probably one of the most powerful things we have in life. Truces are made with words. Wars are started with words. Marriages are dissolved with words. 997 more words


Faces in places

Recently I have had a few requests for portraits in let’s say; less than ordinary locations, this type of photography is exciting for a number of reasons, it makes you think carefully about your lighting and how you can use it to emphasise or enhance the subject, sometimes there is no light there at all to start with so you have to add it yourself, another big factor with this type of shot is the direction required for the subject and the relationship you build and then there’s the time pressure it often forces you to think quickly. 209 more words