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It's Haiku Time

In my global class, we wrote a bunch of¬†haikus, and I’m really of the ones I wrote, since they are the first poems I’ve ever written. 172 more words

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Birthday Gifts

My sister birthday is coming up, and guess what, I just wasted all my saving two days ago, buying a new pc. So, I guess, I’ll just make something for her. 76 more words

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And I'm Here

I’m looking to simplify life; for, at thirty-one, I find life complex beyond need.

In my quest to simplify life, what I am really after are my goals. 908 more words


Top 5 DIY gift for Valentine's Day

Wahoo! Today’s valentine’s day! And what’s better than giving a handmade gift filled with you feelings to your loved ones. There is my top five DIY gifts for Valentine’s day. 205 more words

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To Dead Ambitions

Reflecting by the fire on lost time,
Mourning the me I had to let die
For in real life, it’s Batman or Master Wayne;
Like Wiz said: … 19 more words


Short Fiction: The Exhumation (6 Min Read)

He stood upon the beach beside the seawall, bent over in the cold, gray light of dawn, laboriously digging that endless pit again.

His hairless, sinewy fingers were painfully fixed around the smooth, well-worn handle of the old wooden shovel, which felt burdensome and awkward in his grip; each scoop of the dark, wet sand straining his tired, underdeveloped shoulders. 1,122 more words


Thirty-One and Change: Reflections on Experience 

This is my third and final attempt to write this entry. The previous two night’s efforts yielded a dozen or so paragraphs but nothing palpable, from the heart. 1,882 more words