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AGW Site Survey 2018!!

Hello there, people of the Earth.

Remember this post? Well, AGW has changed a lot since then, so I thought that I would make another survey for 2018! 8 more words


Farewell, Winter & Salutations, Spring! (ft. a TON of lists)

hi there, people of the earth!

Hey guys! So, instead of doing monthly wrap-up posts this year because i missed december, january and february I thought that it would be fun to do  780 more words


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the AGW Crew! *pinches everyone who is not wearing green* If you are wondering why Felicity and Maryellen are in old-times outfits is because I’m doing an oral report on WW2 Uniforms for school and I’m using them as my visual aid!



Enchanted: An AGMV (Spring Break Post-a-Thon #5)

Wassup, marshmallows?

I thought I would change up the intro a bit Day 5 already? I can’t believe it went by so fast! Here’s my latest stop motion, Enchanted: An AGMV! 13 more words


Mini Misadventures#2: The Juice Stand-Off! (Spring Break Post-a-Thon #4)

Hello there, people of the Earth!

I don’t really have an intro for ya’ll, so let’s get right to it! Sorry about the quality of some of these photos-I had to rush because we’re leaving for San Antonio in a few hours! 220 more words


Week 8 Project 2

Title: Question: Answers: Game Play:


  Player’s fatigue is minimized by varying activities and pacing during game play.  

2 Player’s fatigue is minimized by varying activities and pacing during game play. 417 more words


Week 7 Project 2

Shown above is gameplay of the map and Monty Hall that I produced for the groups interactive story, the doors have not been created with rigidbodies as of yet so are currently just place holders. 163 more words