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Diligent Learning

Lately I have been trying new and various things. I’ve tried to implement new systems to increase my productivity, as well as trying to study more often. 594 more words


Projects! 0: Let's hope this works out.

I wanted to create a system for me to come up with a project and make it, only having a limited knowledge in that field so that I come out of it with new knowledge learned. 519 more words


Old Before My Time

I have always felt older than I was. I think many things can make us older before our time. Sometimes it is that we are allowed to dress and act older than we really are. 836 more words

Healing and Curing

Recently I read a link on the internet about a man dealing with cancer and chemo. He talks about being cured, which everyone hopes for. But, he also talks about how being healed was more important and he set out on a quest to heal himself. 654 more words


Balance Is Everything

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Life is a balancing act and we have to…HAVE TO…be in charge of that balance or scale that helps keep life on a level where we are not consumed by too much of this or that. 646 more words

That Boogie Man Called Fear

There is a boogie man who keeps us from doing what we desire. It is called fear. It can be fear of failure, fear of it being too hard, fear of embarrassing ourselves, fear of relapsing when chronically ill….so many fears. 441 more words

Stream Of Time

A once steady tree unshakable in it’s stature

Clinging to the days of old and the essence it yearns to capture

¬†Leaning uprooted it once stood tall… 108 more words