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DIY Braided Ponytails

Hello! Here is a hairstyle tutorial for you!

First, take two sections of hair and put them in front.

Make two ponytails, making sure two exclude the two sections you just made. 23 more words

Customizing Mini Sam + A Change Of Nickname

Why hello everbody! Remember in this post when I announced that I was going to purchase and customize mini Molly, but never got around to it? 83 more words

Laura & Mary

Phoenix has never posted about us? Grrr. She totally ignores the fact that she’s got other dolls besides AG! Like what about all those poor stuffed animals that she dumps in the corner, never to be posted about? 329 more words

My Thoughts on the American Girl Summer Releases 

So, they changed the TM meet outfits.

I consider them pretty, actually. The shoes aren’t supposed to be super high quality though. Here’s a pic: 265 more words

I May or May Not Be Discontinuing 101 Writing Prompts and Starting a Million Other Things #Longestitleever

It’s true. The title is not a joke.

I am actually going to demolish destroy murder discontinue 101 Writing Prompts.

I’m not doing it randomly, I’ll give you 10 reasons: 390 more words


The Father's Day Post

Today is the day to appreciate dads and what they do for us.

They tell us stories.

They fix anything and everything.

They take us to Shipleys. 14 more words

What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 1

This is the post I promised! It turned out to be quite a long photostory, so it will be done in two parts.

MARYELLEN’S POV… 788 more words