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The Story Of Juliana

Before I can tell you of Juliana and her siblings, I must first tell you of John and Tammy Carver. I came across their story on YouTube and it touched my  heart to the core. 748 more words


To Thine Own Self

I recently heard a well intentioned, albeit misattributed quote in a film, about how families always rising and falling in America.

Perhaps this was more true in the days of Natahanial Hawthorne, who wrote in The House of Seven Gables of the Maule family as: 2,141 more words


Broken Connections And The Web Of Life

I believe that there is an eternal connection that all living things have in this world and that we have with mother nature.  All living things have a connection because we are alive and we depend on each other for different things. 695 more words


On The Wings Of An Eagle

I use many things to help me through the pain filled days. Visualization is one of those things. So, let me take you on one of my visualization times when the pain is making just breathing hard. 721 more words


Untold Stories

Recently, abandoned houses, hotels, and businesses have been on my mind. There is one abandoned hotel in particular that comes to my mind, and it makes me sad to think that such a massive structure with so much potential has been given up on. 432 more words

The Problem With Whitewashing

Now, as not all my readers are southerners, some may not understand what whitewash is and why I say it can be a problem. White wash is “A solution made up of lime and water, used for painting picket fences, walls, etc”.  1,268 more words



       With closed eyes, you begin to imagine your body in the space you have hidden from sight with the aid of your eyelids. The water trickles down your body and you’re at ease, but soon your blind perception has been lost at sea. 162 more words