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Evolving Faith

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Faith is one of those things that has different meanings to different people. Sadly, being a person of faith or as some call it, a “religious” person has become some- thing that is considered almost an insult. 833 more words


Never Give Up

This video is me and will be me over and over until I die. There are times I may need people to lift me up and walk with me because I have “torn” and can not go alone but when it comes to finishing each race,  for we will have more than one….. 307 more words


Open The Eyes Of Your Heart, Friend

And oldie but one worth sharing again. This is for all my disabled and chronically ill friends who have expressed these feeling to me and others. 719 more words


Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody lives

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I believe we all have an expiration date on us. No one knows the date but it is there. So, it is true that we all die. 536 more words

Life Is About Our Journey And How We Choose To Walk It

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Someone Sent me this and I loved it. It does talk about the tears of a woman but I find that there are men who have the compassion and love and care that we so often attribute to women. 447 more words

Projects! 3: LED Helmet

This should have been posted along time ago, I guess I’ve been putting it off a bit too much.

So anyway, this is the third project I’ve done which was the LED Helmet. 49 more words