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A Proud Mom

Mikayla, my daughter who just turned four last February is graduating from nursery this coming March 25,2015. I didn’t really expect her to excel and didn’t really push her too much because she was still a baby for me… I just enrolled her at an early age for her to develop her social skills and so that she would experience being a school girl since all her cousins are already going to school and she keeps on telling me how much she wants to go to school too. 260 more words

All About KIDS

Mikayla School Bloopers 001

Mikayla doing her assignment in Filipino….

Me: mikayla ano tawag sa picture ..

Mikayla: fish

Me: ano Tagalog ng fish?

Mikayla: Isda

Me: ano yang next… 8 more words

Toys for little girls -Sewing Ballerina

I can’t wait to get hold of a great toy available at Toy Kingdom — Sewing Ballerina. This will be a fun way to teach me and my daughter some basic sewing skills by creating this cute ballerina doll. 41 more words

My Daughter's 4th Birthday Celebration at School

My daughter Mikayla just celebrated her 4th birthday recently. It has been a tradition for our family to celebrate birthdays yearly so even if we are on a tight budget, we made sure we will celebrate it. 219 more words

2015 Events

Then there was that time I had two heartbeats.

That title. I thought it up on my own actually. You’re not going to find any tricky ways of our announcing the fact that I am, indeed carrying an extra heartbeat. 1,090 more words

All About Kids


A bang, a groan, loud complaining.

“Your mean!” and “Ma! Tell him to stop!”

Every day, all day. Or so it seems.

Ma wants to hide in her closet until… 54 more words

All About Kids

Teaching High School: Week 1

I started teaching High School to two teens this week. I was so worried it would be very challenging and overwhelming. Perhaps I should have had more confidence considering I’ve done this for four years and I have prior teaching experience with younger children. 1,150 more words