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Parenting Doesn't Get Easier, Does It?

No matter how much literature and advice you can find out there on parenting, nothing prepares us fully.  Not even when you have gone through the same thing before. 519 more words



worrying on issues “JUST ON SOCIAL MEDIA”

How weird it is?? today i saw a  post on Facebook  that pictured a poor kid who seemed suffering from under nutrition .I was surprised because there was a millions  of like on that post including sympathetic comments as well.I felt weird about this…now question is what was weird ???.I can explain .If a picture got millions of likes or comments but why not millions of help to overcome instead of it.After watching the picture “the social sympathy media game is over” when we logged off.We live our daily life as well but the humanity was just for that moment when you are online and it goes off when you would be offline .Here is the concern about the kid “he’s still hungry …he’s still in grief…he’s still crying for food and better care …also want an existence.”I am writing this because i want an initiation..i am also a part of this youth..

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PokemonGo: So much HYPE!

I know there is a lot of HYPE about this game, both positive and negative. I want to be clear that I absolutely condone and support this game! 608 more words