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Presenting Work-in-Progress

When I first presented my project, it was very different from what we have achieved so far. The project had to be altered quiet a bit, due to circumstances as well as the growth it saw in the weeks ahead. 413 more words

Film Making

The First Time I Took a Backseat

Hubby and I have just moved to a new city in a new state. The move was for his work, but I wholeheartedly wanted to go. 808 more words


3A Magazine Cover; COMM 130

Description: We were asked to design a magazine cover with ourselves in mind; our “Introduction to the World”.

Process: Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS Principles

I didn’t really browse through any magazine covers for this project, because I wanted my style to be prevalent when I designed this magazine cover. 749 more words

This one goes out to my parents

I can’t thank god enough for the greatest gift’s he has given me, my parents. I say this because there are many people out there with terrible parents. 482 more words


Depressed, single and I couldn't be happier

Depression. It’s an enigmatic word that conjures up images of family tragedy and melodramatic teens in equal parts, a word that many don’t understand and even more play off as stress, hormones or dramatic tendencies. 682 more words

Adventures Of A Lost Queen

All About Me

My name is Kennedy Loreth, and this is my blog page. I am in my third year of Elementary Education at the University of Regina.

All About Me


Hurray to another check off the bucket list! I skipped over the pond to London with my mom. It was supposed to be our annual family trip, but my brother got a new job in the middle of August and they told him no vacation for the first 3 months on the job. 645 more words

All About Me