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My thoughts + tips on bulletjournaling!

First off I’d like to say, I’m still relatively new to bullet journaling but I can say I have absolutely fallen in love with it! I think bullet journaling has helped me better than any planner/agenda has in the past. 267 more words

What's so funny?

The husband sent me a link to this webcomic by Invisible Bread:


(There’s a bonus panel if you click on the bottom right corner.) 28 more words

All About Me

My Strange Addiction

Anyone that know’s me knows I love shoes. And by love, it might be an obsession. lol

I don’t know why but I just love shoe shopping. 132 more words

All About Me

All About My Blog

Hey Huns,

I thought I would share about why I started my blog.

Why did I start my blog?

I started my blog because people always asked me where I got my clothes from. 380 more words

Wednesday: Open Doors

Keeping it together, when we mourn loss, is sometimes sketchy. Emotions come and go, just like feelings. The farther from the point of impact, one gets, doesn’t necessarily put one in the clear. 770 more words

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Let's talk about the bible.

Hi guys, I’ve been debating whether or not to make this post for a few weeks now, and I finally decided today was the day I wanted to do it. 384 more words

Tuesday: Let's Talk About Sex !

You know a meeting is going to be interesting, when we hit page 69, in the Big Book. The Paragraph that begins with … Now About Sex ! 1,908 more words

All About Me