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Real Black, Fake Black

I used to be ashamed of my upbringing when I first began conversing with my sistas and brothas in the conscious movement.  I would remain quiet when they would speak of struggles and hardships that I never had to experience; tales of missing fathers, police sirens, gunshots, and poverty.  748 more words

All About Me


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

First of all I thought I’d let you know a bit more about me.

It's all about travel.

I think I am crazy about traveling. Even can’t wait to see the whole world. Here is my favorite travel blogger, a pretty lady – The Blonde Abroad.


Five Facts About Me

What makes me who I am? What are my weird little quirks? Maybe we share a few idiosyncrasies. Maybe I’m not just a faceless blogger with opinions but a human being that has a life outside of the internet… 281 more words


To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

One of my “52 challenges in 52 weeks” was to expand my Twitter network.

But do I really want to do this? What would the benefit be? 276 more words

All About Me

Day 2 - All About Me

Well in all honesty day 2 of my promise to do something with Morgan never happened. I was so tired, I spent most of the day on the sofa lying down whilst Morgan watched Peppa Pig. 42 more words


Three things

Last year, I had this list of things to do for 2015, things I wanted to try and things I wanted to happen. But as I looked back to the months that had passed, the things that I wanted to do didn’t happen, not because I wasn’t able nor I had the opportunities, but it was more of the circumstances I wasn’t expecting. 298 more words

All About Me