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Riding L'Etape London

The alarm clock went off at 5am and I dragged myself out of bed after three hours of not-so-great sleep. I’d prepped my bike and everything the night before so all I needed to do were the final checks and have breakfast. 753 more words

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Mummy Mondays - How it Feels to Share Your Child 

I’ve put off writing this post for so long. I’ve previously talked about my daughter going to her dad’s house, but I haven’t really gone into too much detail about how it actually feels to share your child with an ex partner. 907 more words

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Role Models

Becoming a grandparent is a time of immense joy. A time of looking forward with the hopes and wishes for the new parents and their child. 128 more words

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All about me

I’am a very determined and highly motivated person.                                                                I do take my jobs seriously  but i’m able to see things in perspective and believe I’m quite easy-going to work with.I’m an optimist rather than a pessimist-but i’m also a realist and i cope well when the gets tough;                                                                                      I’m very good at finding solutions to problem.above all,i would say I’m a positive and enthusiastic person-and i relish a challenge.

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A Glimpse Into My Mind

What kind of cats like to go bowling?

Alley cats.

A little more comfortable now? I hope so.

Hello world, my name is Carly Blum and I am sophomore at FAU. 277 more words

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Being back

I have been meaning to write again since my first two shifts last week, but as ridiculous as it sounds after 2 shifts back at work, I have been too tired. 659 more words

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Random memory

Today, throughout the day I kept going back to a childhood memory. I didn’t think much of it as a child. I have thought of it over the years but quickly dismissed it. 161 more words