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My Poppyseed Journey

Starting towards the beginning of the school year, I was given a handful of poppy seeds. These seeds are the size of half a grain of rice and had a black-brown color. 207 more words


Roses on Roses!

Roses can be seen in almost any garden and can add color to any living space. Roses can become a wonderful gift to your loved ones, or be the centerpiece of a decorated dining table. 153 more words

All About Plants

Planting the Seed of Happiness

Our lives look like the seasons. We experience times of hardship and times of cold, bleak winter months. After the winter months end, we mature into the season of spring, where we bloom and learn from our past. 104 more words


Things Take Time to Blossom

As a young child, I planted many seeds in my backyard, expecting a variety of warm, colorful flowers to bloom rapidly the day after. Little did I know that everything in life takes time to grow, yet I did not realize this concept while planting my seeds. 230 more words


Our Ocean's Coralline Algae

Our worlds vast ocean, composed of an array of plants, animals, and many other substances, are home to beautiful ocean life. Its wildlife can range from simply seaweed to extravagant, colorful corals. 165 more words


The Endangered Cirsium Pitcheri

Although there are many endangered species on this planet, one endangered plant stands out to me distinctively. The Cirsium Pitcheri, also known as the “sand dune thistle” can be located in the United States and Canada, even though its original, native grown area they are located are near lakeshores. 191 more words


The Plants of Chicago, Illinois

During my life, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Chicago, Illinois and spend a duration of one week there. Not only are the landmarks amazing, but the city of Chicago hosts several gorgeous botanical gardens that I feel are highly underestimated. 181 more words