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Thursday: I Don't know but I am trying to find out, OK !

Last night, I heard from my Spiritual director, who lives in another province, tell me that his doctors have told him that he was terminally ill, and that he has an illness that will eventually take his life, as it had taken the lives of his grandfather and father alike. 1,064 more words

New Beginnings

Finding may help doctors target dormant HIV

This is big and important news. If this works, it will change the ball game in our favor. Dormant HIV has been a long and unsolved mystery. 479 more words

New Beginnings

Friday: The Language of the Heart

Why, at this particular point in history, has God chosen to communicate His healing grace to so many of us ? Every aspect of this global unfoldment can be related to a single crucial word.

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New Beginnings

Shit Week 

These always a point in a person life were they wish they were not a adult and have to deal with all the crap that we have to deal with. 840 more words

All About Us

All About Us Releases Season 4 Poster

Ville Ventures Films release the first poster from All About Us season 4. Season 4 is expected to be release later this year on the GT Network.

Check out the poster below

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Welcome to TeenLife104

Hey ya’ll!!! Macey and Holly here!! Welcome to our blog!!! We are here to talk about life, and anything that a teen may or may not experience!!! 31 more words

Like Kindergarten

🎀All About Macey🎀

Hey guys!!! I’m Macey!!! Macey isn’t actually my real name. I would prefer not to mention my real name. It’s easier for me to say things that we all deal with that way. 72 more words

Girly Girl