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What else should I be
All apologies
What else could I say
Everyone is gay
What else could I write
I don’t have the right… 159 more words

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Nirvana - All Apologies (MTV Unplugged)

A tribute to Nirvana Unplugged in New York City turning 21.

Rock Classics

Another Unsent Letter

Hello again, it’s good to see you
You’ve changed but the years have been kind
Left all the best of you just the same
As the last time I saw you… 220 more words


Crocodile Tears

The difference between

“I’m sorry”
I will: acknowledge, apologize, atone


“I’m sorry I got caught”
You should: Forgive, forget, just move on

“I’m sorry” is a gift you give to yourself. 16 more words

Personal Thoughts


Good evening ladies and gents, I just came back from the dead. My brain is probably turning into mush from this “Dancing with the Stars” reality tv bullshit that I’ve been watching, whilst playing checkers with Satan himself. 218 more words

Past Tension

Past tenses seemed so much simpler in the past
I slapped ‘e-d’ on a verb, and did it fast

But then complications arised (or ‘AROSE’) 103 more words