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Nearly half of all Britons uncomfortable revisiting UK museums and galleries

Art lovers will have rejoiced over last week’s announcement that UK museums will begin to reopen from 8 July. When the day arrives, how many visitors can arts institutions actually expect to come knocking on their doors? 371 more words

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Case Update: July 7th, 2020; Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Dear Friends,
This is a case update. I’ll also have an important message about antibody dependent enhancement.

Cases continued to rise unchecked in the US, California and San Diego County in the last week, although the long holiday weekend did have impacts on reporting. 935 more words

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Romania legal changes, a small step forward towards more Competitiveness

Last week the Romanian Government approved some changes to the old law of commercial companies. I say old not because of its age (its first version appeared in 1990) but because it is entirely overpassed by the evolution of our society. 900 more words

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How the US private sector is pointing the way to maintain the American Competitiveness

In a recent article entitled “Competitiveness and Innovation“, the United States Council for International Business (USCIB) claims the following:

  • The US private sector is the primary source of innovation and technology.
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Sotheby’s enters new digital age with first live-streamed auction

Sotheby’s embraced digital innovation this week by introducing the first ever live-streamed global art auction. Despite initial scepticism, the hybrid auction generated an impressive total of $363.2 million (£291.3 million). 391 more words

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SQL – Temp Table v/s Temp Variable

Temp Tables are originated for the storage and it’s manipulation of temporal data. Also its stored physically created in tempDB.
Temp Variables are originated for returning date-sets from table-valued functions. 127 more words

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