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Bubbles: Art City, True Colour

I love playing with weird materials, trying to figure them out. Some dollar store ball pit balls. Needle and thread? nope, too rigid. Using interfacing and the end of a hot glue gun to grommet them? 82 more words

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A Room with a View: William Lake, Manitoba

a steep hike with a view, a beloved friend who lives far away, and my partner in crime. Lazy meals over a campfire. Days stretch on like a cat in the sun.

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A Candle In A Hurricane Of Hate

For many disabled people, and often for their families and other allies too, life can feel like being a candle in a hurricane of hate.  So much intolerance, vitriol and aggression to deal with every single day from a society that, generally, would rather that disabled people were not around, out of sight, disappeared.  1,012 more words

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Madame Sophelia and Soraya

Madame Sophelia was about to meet an important animal in her life.
She knew this because she read it in a fortune cookie after a late nap on a July afternoon. 270 more words

The Button

The house was silent except for the occasional twittering of a cat inside and a few birds outside. In the cupboard the food was starting to go off. 60 more words

Making Sense Of Our Three 'Mystery' Senses!

We have at least eight senses; five that we can all think of, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, as well as at least three ‘mystery’ senses that we might not know so much about, including vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness), and interoception (awareness of what’s happening inside the body). 1,826 more words

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The Shed

There was a pitter patter sound on the roof of the shed. Some of the rain was collecting inside a bucket on the ground. She wondered where it was coming from! 292 more words