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Android or iOS? Which is better?

Well this is most controversial technology question in today’s world and has been actively debated on every forum but still nobody seems to have the answer.So I decided to take this challenge and tried analysing these two legendary operating system 1,041 more words

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Trina Taylor

Back in the day when I decided I should be a Rock Star. http://trinataylor.reverbnation.com

At some point I need to write a blog about this time in my life. 55 more words


When my soul needed a Sabbath rest.

But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the Lord: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard.

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8 Shocking Things We Learned From Stephen Hawking's Book - “We” being those that read them.  If you haven’t how could you possibly have an opinion?

I read “The Grand Design” 2 1/2 times, as one time around had me staring off into space wondering what the hell I just read.  The 2nd time I understood only about 60% of what I read and the 1/2 time around was to make sure I understood 100% of the 60%.   365 more words


How Big is Android ?

We all are aware of Android and we all know its quite popular. But, factually how big is Android. What are the numbers? Read on to find out 221 more words

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Zombieing: When An Ex Rises From The Online Dead — PrimeMind

What a great read!  I’m certain I am not the only one to experience this; I’m also certain I have never been the one doing this to another, so there’s that!   27 more words


What is Android ?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a computer geek or someone who doesnt understand computer. You might have definitely heard the term “Android”.You might have heard of people buying android mobiles, updating their phones to latest Android Version, downloading an Android app.So What the heck is this ANDROID. 705 more words

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