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Sophisticated Lake House Living Room

Whether you have a lake house or just need the relaxing feel of one, this curation is for you. With wonderful textures and subtle color palette, these selections create an inviting space that inspires well-being and the feeling of truly being at home in a space. 79 more words

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Aachen – More than Just a show

Growing up competing horses in Australia, we are always hearing about the magical world of ‘Europe’ – where it seems grand prix horses grow on trees, prize money falls like rain and every second rider has a gold medal. 4,448 more words

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Close Quarters, High Impact: Why Artwork Belongs in Small Rooms, Too

Charismatic artwork makes an instinctive focal point for rooms with ample square footage and large expanses of free wall space. Half-baths and tiny offices, though, are less likely to be graced with a traditional – or even a less-traditional – artwork piece than dining and living rooms are. 215 more words

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The Madhouse and the Whole Thing There: A Note on Amateurs and Professionals

I’m still tinkering around with this theme of “amateurs” and “professionals.” I’m writing a longer piece, which I’ve filed under my “Work in Progress” rubric, but I wanted to share a little extract here of where my head is currently at. 1,785 more words

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30 days: 30 things I've never done

When we decided to move into a vacation rental for FIVE whole months, I went into a mode of complete excitement to know I would be able to bring multiple high heels into the house, stock up on groceries, and fully unpack. 3,317 more words

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JBLM Crossfit: Better Soldiers, Spouses and Civilians

JBLM Crossfit

Better Soldiers, Spouses and Civilians

Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Crossfit coach and June volunteer of the month Cpt. Marcel Wright’s, 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery, helps spouse Rikkei Simms with her squat form during a Crossfit class at McVeigh Sports and Fitness Center June 5. 1,318 more words

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Around the World in Perfect Peaches: A Color Guide

One of Art Deco’s signature hues and one of this year’s trending wedding colors, peach currently feels utterly timeless. The warm, glowing color was a staple of the 1950s with a resurgence in the 1980s, and peach has returned to fashionable status just on schedule. 239 more words

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