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New Breakfast

Good Morning

Here you will find a new alternative for your breakfast…

Remember to eat healthy and fresh food in the morning in order to have the right strength necessary to start the day… 41 more words


Need some Milk to go with that Bowl of Red Blood Cells?

Breakfast conversation:

It started with bran and our ignorance on the subject.

Lately Cody’s favorite breakfast cereal is All-Bran.  I know.  It is a strange cereal to be declared… 406 more words


Morning Glory Muffins

This recipe was another one that I wrote down 30 years ago when we were first married and living in Alexandria, Minnesota. I was an at home mom with our first daughter, our rental home was on a lake a few miles out of town, and we had no cable and a black and white TV, so I listened to WCCO radio a lot. 367 more words


Nutty Chocolate Chip Banana Bran Muffins

Sometimes I’m in the mood for healthy and low calorie, that is when I bake something like Bran Muffins. Today I throw all those cares to the wind and bake a bran muffin with sugar, chocolate and lots of nuts. 162 more words


Retro Bran Loaf

Back in the early 80’s my mum started buying All Bran for our breakfast and strangely I really liked it. They had a recipe on their packets for an All Bran malt loaf that I use to make all the time.  308 more words


Je ne suis pas Française

Je ne parle pas français.  I know because I asked myself in French and I had no idea what I was talking about.

YouTube doesn’t seem to agree.   330 more words

A break in routine = a break from life

Last Tuesday night I met some friends for drinks. Except I didn’t drink. Well, nothing except water that is. And I felt great. I enjoyed myself, I remember the walk home and I woke up the next day feeling good. 440 more words