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Model Minority: Justin Kim

So I didn’t even know America’s Next Top Model was still on, nor that it now features MALE models. ASIAN. MALE. MODELS. Feast yo peepers on Justin Kim (by stalking his Insta @seoulful_j) and his impossible jawline…and praise be to Ty Ty for keeping the… 133 more words

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Racially Diverse Emojis, Now with Oriental Yellow!

True, emojis have been sorely lacking in the melanin department, and even borderline racist (the only current “ethnic” emojis are a dude with some sort of turban-thing, a guy with a mandarin cap, and one wearing a cossack hat)…so having the option to add pigment is definitely positive (as well as same sex couples and families). 109 more words

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It's business time!

My uncle always flies business class. He swears by it, it’s his one treat for the labours he puts into the Farm. When I said one day I hoped to indulge in a business class fare and have the means to back it, little did I know my dreams would be granted so soon. 660 more words

Ring Of Fire OE

Getting By With a Little Help From The Colonel

I know I’m totes mcgotes tardy to the party on this one, but I couldn’t let it go without BCB paying the proper homage this woman deserves. 303 more words


Hennessy Challenge

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a thing amongst my Yietnamee doo folks but damn if this is what it takes to finally get on worldstarhiphop.com… 6 more words

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The Most Baddest US Senator Gets His Due

Forgive me if I didn’t catch the Daniel Inouye storyline in Ken Burn’s The War. I only heard of the badassness of Inouye via Comedy Central’s all-too-good Drunk History series (have you read how the man lost his arm? 63 more words


Here's One Way to Win Ben Stein's Money

Well, this be bizarre. And random. Also, ick nast. Who knew Ben Stein had such a thing for goldiggin’ “Eurasian” pregnant performance artists? Who wanted to know? 158 more words

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