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My Reupload of a Video YouTube Tried To Censor

Greeting Eye Wall Family,

I wanted to share this information because I felt it is nothing short of lifesaving. 

The Black Authority, a channel on YouTube that provides media with the best interest of black people in-mind, uploaded a video named “The 5 Steps to Nazi Germany – 2019 Update.” 210 more words

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Settling for Toxic Behavior VS Accepting Minor Flaws

Emolit Family,

When does accepting someone despite their imperfections cross the line to being tolerant of harmful behavior–harmful to you and/or to the person you’re dealing with?  226 more words

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Missouri birds|Eastern Phoebe

I knew something was amiss when the dogs refused to go out after whining at the door for ten minutes. I looked out and saw a couple of wood bees patrolling the deck but was sure this wasn’t holding my dogs back. 722 more words

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Black People's Obsession with Seeking Entertainment

I’ll be the first to admit.  There are times when I just want to let my mind go completely blank and where I don’t want to focus my mental energy on analyzing and challenging the… 1,775 more words

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The Term "People of Color" Was Designed To Confuse

Often when conversations are had and when articles and essays are touching on systematic racism and who it affects, the term “people of color” or its variations gets tossed around (women of color, minorities, communities of color, brown and black people, non-white).  849 more words

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Trucker (Poem)

-I recall when I was 8 trying to sleep and being awoken by a boisterous belch and an on-again-off-again beep, followed by what sounded like a knife to a blimp.  269 more words

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Turner & Hooch

Last week I received a message from Gena Davis. Her family owns and operates Semo Dog Trainers in Fisk, Mo. She was asking for help. 465 more words

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