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Old Ale

Optimistically planning to reuse the yeast from the latest ESB, wanting to step up the gravity and color with an old ale.  I’m surprised I haven’t brewed one before, but I didn’t find a recipe for it.


Recipe / Brewsheet


Jungle Lust Part 3: Bottling

As luck would have it, the time that I decide to document the making of a beer, there is a possible issue.  But it can be looked an opportunity to learn and share, if I can ultimately determine the cause.  524 more words

Spring '16 ESB


Recipe / Brewsheet

Brew day (4/24/2016)

  • First wort hop: 0.5 oz E. Kent goldings
  • Hopefully de chlorinated water (ran through double Brita filter contraption)
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Coffee Brown

This is the dark half of my first split 10 gallon batch where I split the malts, hops and yeast. The main mash consisted of primarily base malt; I steeped some chocolate malt on the side, then added it right at flameout to the 5 gallon boil. 199 more words


Jungle Lust Part 2: Secondary

After two weeks in primary fermentation, it was time to transfer the porter to a secondary container and add the coconut and cacao nibs.  The nibs are organic ecuador nibs that I got from the homebrew shop.  268 more words

Kettle Soured Berliner Weiss

Omega Yeast Labs makes a Lactobacillus blend that can sour beer at room temperature rather than requiring an elevated temperatures in the 90F-110F range. This is a quick 3 gallon batch sour using the kettle sour method to see what kind of results this blend can produce. 282 more words


Jungle Lust Part 1: Brew Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe based post.  But I’m working on a new beer and thought it would be a good one to document how I’m doing it.  445 more words