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Prepping for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in September in Germany but we Americans love to do it in..well…October. Maybe just because it makes more sense. My family usually gets together sometime in October to celebrate with german cuisine, german wine and german beer. 353 more words

Pils-ish Ale

I’m always looking for new techniques, especially when they save you a little time and still allow you to produce delicious beer.  I did a Marzen lager once and tried just fermenting it like an ale. 562 more words


Hoppy American Amber

I keep coming back to the American Amber style as something that I really want to master. The first version I did came out great, but ever since then I keep changing variables and nothing seems to come close to the first version. 481 more words


The "Craft" in Craft Beer

Everyone, at some point in their alcoholic lives, would have wondered:

Why is craft beer called craft beer?

Surely, it shouldn’t have anything to do with facts and figures about how many billion litres it ships out a year, contrary to what the Brewers Association might think. 1,404 more words

First Batch Remake - Oatmeal Stout

Remembering beers I’ve made in the past is a weird thing. Naturally some batches stand out more than others, and some just get lost in the mix. 517 more words


Busy weekend- Saison and Imperial Stout

I had two brew days this past weekend.  I brewed the wedding saison on Saturday afternoon and my imperial stout on Sunday morning.  I had the house all to myself, so I took full advantage of the opportunity.  119 more words

Summer Summit Pale Ale

After an exciting birthday haul of brewing bits and pieces* my latest brew gave me the ideal opportunity to give them all a bit of a try-out… 607 more words