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Dark English Mild

This is a recipe for a low-gravity, darker English mild. I used lots of dark English crystal to really emphasize the toffee and nutty flavors. I made this on my indoor 3 gallon set up (shot for around 1057 OG), then just topped up with water to reach around 4.5 gallons of lower-gravity 1038 wort. 353 more words


A crash course in cold crashing

My APA demanded so much hops that there was probably 5L of green sludge at the bottom of the fermenter by the end of the fermentation period. 444 more words

All Grain Brew

Minga Skill Building Hub: All-Grain Beer Brewing Workshop (Jan. 24, Guelph, ON)

Join us for a steamy, fragrant morning of mashing grains, boiling worts and hops, and delightful aromas—all in the name of making many people’s favourite beverage, beer! 

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American Helles (Maui Brewing Co. Bikini Blonde clone)

My wife and I recently took a trip to Hawaii. We drank a lot of great beer. We didn’t come across anything too “adventurous” – mostly lagers, ambers, browns, stouts, a few IPAs, with the occasional coconut, pineapple, and or/coffee infused beer. 530 more words


An American Pale Ale in London

Well, An APA in Maori Hill, Dunedin to be precise. I’ve really got into IPA and APA recently so I decided to find a BIAB recipe and make my own. 1,015 more words

All Grain Brew

No-name HefeWeizen III - Tasting Notes

Here’s a review of another Hefeweizen, brewed as part of my eternal quest to brew the perfect representation.

You might remember the brewday from here: 420 more words


All-Grain Brewing: Fly Sparging vs Batch Sparging (AHA)

To the new homebrewer, understanding the differences between batch sparging and fly sparging can be confusing. For the seasoned masher, deciding which is a better process for your homebrewing set-up can be an even greater challenge.

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