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More Art Than Science

Back in 2014, I brewed a kriek style cherry ale that I called Bloed Koning, which is Dutch for King’s Blood. The blog posts for that beer can be found… 548 more words

Vienna Brown Ale

Many of my recent brews have explored styles that are new to me–saison, Bohemian pilsner, witbier, and altbier, to name a few. 455 more words


Old Ale

Alright, let’s see if I can use the London Ale Yeast from my latest ESB to brew.  I really want to try playing with mineral additions to get a crisper beer.   47 more words


The "Wrong" Way

Dogma runs strong in the homebrewing community. Just like in politics and religion, homebrewers hold certain beliefs very strongly and some even get offended if you challenge them, no matter how thoughtfully and delicately. 859 more words

Helping the grain, and back

Back in late July last year I went around to Chas’s place and helped with an all Grain pale ale. Chas is now focused of his site… 472 more words


GrainFather - 1 Year In

I meant to do a 10 brew review a while back but never got around to it and then had to put brewing on hold for a while so figured it would make more sense to do a 1 year review instead.   1,713 more words


Belgian Amber Tasting

When it comes to brewing Belgian beer, saisons are usually my go-to. In my experience saison yeast can usually work in a wide range of temperatures (low 70s to low 90s) and still generally produce pleasant, peppery esters that make for a really enjoyable beer. 296 more words