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All-Grain vs Extract

The debate – All-Grain vs Extract brewing. Some people swear by all-grain and scoff at extract. Some do extract only and are perfectly happy. What makes better beer? 258 more words


Lemondrop the Mic! & Nothing Rhymes w/ Zythos (APA 'L' & 'Y/Z') ~ Recipe(s)

Originally posted 11/27/2017 on the first b20 blog.

Apparently I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a mess because after making the first two beers for the A-Z project, as I only now understand the amount of work I’ve committed to. 512 more words


RG/003: Oakyo Grift (Wood-Aged Beer) ~ Recipe

Originally posted 11/25/2017 on the first b20 blog.

About 2 or 3 recipes ago (before the blog started), I purchased some French Oak Chips. The plan was do a big batch of an American Stock/Strong Ale, split the batch equally and dose one with the French Oak Chips. 737 more words


RG/002: Eclectic Bieraloo (Bière de Garde) ~ Recipe

As I continue my work with b20 spreadsheet, I’m trying to figure out the best way to stay true to “spirit” of a random recipe while also hitting some of my homebrewing goals. 715 more words


Random Generator 001: A New Hop (Wet-Hop Pale Ale) ~ Recipe/Tasting Notes

Originally posted 10/25/17 on the first b20 blog.

After a month of sitting on this neat little tool I cooked up, I finally decided to use it to make a beer. 807 more words


Ugly Junk Corona Mill

When you make the transition from brewing extract based beers to all grain based beers one of the tools you’ll need to consider purchasing is a grain mill.  640 more words

All Grain

Experimental Oktoberfest Ale Recipe

Some people like IPA’s and some people hate them, some folks out there will only drink lagers while others like barrel aged stouts. It is rare when you find a beer that just about everyone will enjoy.  357 more words