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All Grain Brewing Equipment

Let’s make this as quick as possible without any stories.

Option 1: Hunt the internet, find the best deals, utilize your local brew shop and… 743 more words

All Grain

Beer. Science and Goodness, Part 1

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” -Benjamin Franklin
A completely false quote that…shocker… came from the internet. Either way it is one of my favorite “quotes” about beer, even if it was originally about wine. 826 more words

All Grain

Belgian Dark Strong - Winter 2018

Brewed the same recipe as previously.  I recall it being really good, though I didn’t give any updates in the blog post.


Recipe… 281 more words


I think I Will Call it an "Imperial Stout"

From the Beer Advocate website; https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/style/157/

“American Double / Imperial Stout

The American Double Stout gets some of it inspiration from the Russian Imperial Stout. 465 more words


Belgian Dubbel Winter 2018

It’s been almost a year since I last brewed! Gonna re-brew a belgian. With the little bit of off-flavor I’ve had with my non-belgians, I’m gonna stick with something where I won’t have to worry about it (or maybe it’s just hidden in the other flavors of belgians). 479 more words


RG/005: Bliss in the Abyss (Sweet Stout) ~ Recipe

The plan for this week was to post some miscellaneous tasting notes. I have a bottle blended Azacca & WGV that I was going to write up some notes on. 642 more words


All-Grain vs Extract

The debate – All-Grain vs Extract brewing. Some people swear by all-grain and scoff at extract. Some do extract only and are perfectly happy. What makes better beer? 258 more words