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Helping the grain, and back

Back in late July last year I went around to Chas’s place and helped with an all Grain pale ale. Chas is now focused of his site… 472 more words


GrainFather - 1 Year In

I meant to do a 10 brew review a while back but never got around to it and then had to put brewing on hold for a while so figured it would make more sense to do a 1 year review instead.   1,713 more words


Belgian Amber Tasting

When it comes to brewing Belgian beer, saisons are usually my go-to. In my experience saison yeast can usually work in a wide range of temperatures (low 70s to low 90s) and still generally produce pleasant, peppery esters that make for a really enjoyable beer. 296 more words


Hopped Up Rye Tasting

This is my first attempt at using a bunch of rye in a beer, and it came out well!

Appearance: Light brown/copper with some red highlights. 155 more words


It's been a while...

Due to a change in personal circumstances I hadn’t brewed since October last year so I was quite excited when I finally had all of my equipment out of storage and into my new place and setup in an outhouse.   374 more words


Belgian Amber

It’s been a while since I did any kind of Belgian beer. Generally speaking I’m never totally satisfied with how they turn out. Yeast is the biggest factor in that – pitching enough isn’t a problem, but controlling fermentation temps is not my strong suit. 179 more words


Hopped Up Rye

Rye malt has been on my “to brew” list for a long time. I rarely put it in recipes, partly because I just don’t have a great handle on how to use it. 192 more words