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Olde Persica Porter

I’m getting that itch again, to brew with new styles and new ingredients. With winter on the horizon, I want to stock up on some beers that will serve well on a chilly night next to the fire. 711 more words


Home-Grown Cascade Hoppy Pale Ale

Well.  Let’s hope it’s hoppy, anyway…

The taste I took when transferring to the fermenter was quite assertively bitter, in fact probably a bit more bitter than I really intended… 306 more words


Imperial Bourbon Coffee Stout

This will be the biggest beer I’ve ever made (all-grain at least), and the malt bill definitely shows it for a 5 gallon batch. The recipe is based off a widely available clone of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS for short), which is one of my favorite “big” beers; generally I’m not a huge fan of harsh high ABV beers but this one is extremely robust, complex, and most importantly, smooth. 222 more words


Hardboiled Alt

A german alt all-grain kit brewed with some alterations.  Messed up pretty bad and boiled the grains.  This was the worst beer ever.


Sneaker Stout

All grain. BIAB. Dry irish stout. 5 gallons.


Magical Trevor

First all grain beer. Earl tea beer, all wheat grain bill, lots of hops.