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Soiled Fingertips

Found myself staring at the ceiling for over half an hour since I was trying to come up with ways on how to solve a mishap that happened in the plant earlier. 154 more words


Thankful for my wife

Since late last year, God revealed to me that my season in Viet Nam would be coming to an end. And that the next chapter is to return to Singapore. 319 more words

His & My Story

more than you want to know

when i decided at 4-something in the a.m. that i had to tinkle and that my need to tinkle trumped my need to help my baby stop coughing long enough to sleep, i was making the right decision. 582 more words

Barracuda Running


Sometimes we just have to be patient. And while waiting, you have to do what you need to do.

To start off, I have two projects due last Thursday, April 30. 227 more words


Reflection Time: When To Quit, When To Keep At It

“Don’t give up on people. They do hear what you say even when it seems that you aren’t getting through.”

Ever been in a situation where you feel you want to help someone achieve a goal, and you know you can help the person out, but you feel frustrated because you feel you’re not getting through? 769 more words

Software Craftsmanship

Software development is a skill. One has to get better at this skill with time. A product must withstand with time against thick and thin of business changes. 1,388 more words

All In A Days Work

Prophetic Word for Singapore

I read a transcript of Shawn Boltz’s prophetic word for Singapore as a nation. This was spoken during one the sessions at the 3-day In Pursuit Conference earlier this year. 109 more words

His & My Story