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The one with that patronizing relative

Sometimes you are just too exhausted to tell them off, knowing fully well it is going to create another angry-patient-shouting-at-me day if I decided to exercise my authority in chasing out that relo from my consult room, so I can proceed just with the patient alone. 856 more words

Down Under

The patient who heard the name wrong...

This is a true story that happened on March 22nd.

Been toooooo busy with work this whole week, leaving the clinic close to midnight (while we officially close at 11pm) 3 out of 5 days. 913 more words

Down Under

All in a day's work

I have always been proud of the fact that I am very good at adapting to situations. I still am, I mean. Like when 2011 happened or 2015 or that time when I was jobless and sitting at home looking up at the ceiling or now when I am balancing a full time job and parenthood. 538 more words


“Unë i Kam Pasur Flokët si të Tutë”

Nga Marie (Notcheva) O’Toole

Lexoni në anglisht ketu.

Në karrierën time si përkthyese në mjekësi, një nga vendet ku kam punë çdo javë është një spital shumë i njohur i kancerit në Boston. 1,335 more words

Christian Living

Elephants on a String

This is the third time I have seen her this morning. Each time the bus stops and our crowd gets out to see another of the famous sites of Mumbai, she and several others are there, offering strings of elephants, beaded purses, exotic fans made of peacock feathers, postcards, bracelets, trinkets, giant balloons. 62 more words


Job Opening

February 19, 2017
Our church secretary resigned; or as far as I know secretary is all she resigned from.
It’s been coming. She’s been sick for a while. 192 more words

A Day In The Life

Working woes

Last week at work, a fellow brought some clothes in to be dry cleaned—a couple of suits along with the fancy shirts to go with them. 382 more words

A Day In The Life