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My office was a funny place to work, and I had a love-hate relationship with my job. I loved my colleagues (most of them, anyway), the comfortable office, my salary, the two-day weekend, and so much more. 538 more words


"The Telephone Breaches The Walls With Imperious Demands"

Sometimes it pays to color outside the lines. I have an important writing assignment due at work and it needs to be completed by tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon, I opted to work from the South Office (aka-my home) in an effort to sequester myself from outside distractions. 1,071 more words

A Personal Question

At the end of a consult, a patient went like “By the way doctor, just one thing. May I ask a personal question?”

Me         : Yes? 38 more words

Down Under


Everybody wants to keep up with the times. We like to do it our way. So, introducing our latest four legged …enter Pokemon.

Pokemon was rescued about 10 days ago by Ma on her way to school. 153 more words

All In A Day's Work

Monday Morning Meows

Star and Baxter
Just Chillin’….


My diary for Maggie

An introductory note

Maggie is the latest four legged to join us. She has been with us for four months now. All the pictures here have been clicked once we were absolutely sure that she was going to make it. 1,463 more words


With the changes in the organizational structure of the bank, an executive asked me this question:

How are you doing now that the effective date of transfer is near?

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