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Drifting In & Out of Conscienceness

Star was sound asleep until I pulled out my cell phone to take a photo.  Not at all perturbed by my presence, or that I’m taking another photo of her, she just opened one eye and looked into the camera then went back immediately back to sleep.

Something Good Comes From Running Late

When I leave for the office at 6 am it’s still dark. This morning a co-worker was good enough to pick me up since it was so cold.   45 more words


The Multiple Happinesses

I could blog in the mornings (I would probably make more sense). But I usually wait until the end of the day to see what I was thinking about. 350 more words

Gap Assessment

It was almost the end of the first phase of our project. What’s left is the presentation to the committee and the approval to move on to the next phase. 90 more words


Low Risk

We were in the middle of a meeting to establish a standard risk assessment template for the company. Then, someone muttered this statement:

What may be low risk now may not be low risk forever.

164 more words

The Purr-fect Furrito

With the temperature hovering around 25 degrees, the office is a bit chilly. The portable heaters at each work station can not be used at the same time, because they trip the circuit breakers turning the computers off. 109 more words


Working for the Dollar $

I have found my passion, GRAPHIC DESIGN, and have been working vigilantly teaching myself and learning some of the basics of it.

Now, I am not claiming to be a professional and I definitely have a lot more to learn but I think I have done a decent job, for an amateur. 46 more words

All In A Day's Work