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Food Giving Ceremony

If you were to judge on the basis of the pattern, the intricacies, the ‘rituals’ involved,  giving food to our four legged is nothing short of a full fledged ceremony.  726 more words

All In A Day's Work

I am a licensed Real Estate Broker. So are my two sons. As a Broker, focusing on raw land selling, I get to go to different places and meet people from all walks of life. 495 more words


Office Woes #7: Hating on HR

I knew my office was special, but this “no politics” business has given way to open warfare:

New guy joins our table, brought in by the HR. 129 more words


Was It A Suicide Or Was It A Woman Scorned?

He described it as the funeral from hell. I can truthfully say that I’ve never witnessed or been a part of that kind of experience. I’ve heard horror stories of things that happen at funerals, but I have no first hand knowledge. 1,027 more words

"I Used to Have Hair like Yours"

by Marie Notcheva

In my career as a medical interpreter, one of the places where I have weekly assignments is a well-known cancer hospital in Boston. 992 more words

Christian Living

FCC-Limiting, Net-Neutrality-Scuttling Bill Passes House

The House of Representatives passed a bill this morning that seeks to limit the FCC’s net neutrality authority and could limit the commission’s ability to investigate consumer complaints about unreasonable charges from and behavior by their ISPs. 238 more words


Not only am I grateful that I heard the pop as the screw punctured my tire in my driveway, but I was able to hear the copious amounts of air leaking out of the tire as I got the baby out of her seat. 46 more words

All In A Day's Work