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With the changes in the organizational structure of the bank, an executive asked me this question:

How are you doing now that the effective date of transfer is near?

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TGIF! Why I stayed back for more than 1 hour for the first time....

‚Äč…in this particular job at this clinic.

Early last year I decided to spend that extra 1 minute per patient to complete my notes instead of staying back (for hours) completing them & sacrificing your time to write down things (most of which you can’t recall with a 100% accuracy)! 606 more words

All In A Day's Work

How are you feeling?

After the previous week’s turn of events, this has been the recurring question by people who knew of the situation.

I actually don’t know. It’s a mix of the following stuff: 161 more words


Some have no legs at all!

There is never a dull moment at our place. One minute we are lazing around on a hot Sunday afternoon and the next moment we are all rushing around in the garden with brooms and sticks on a rescue mission! 306 more words

All In A Day's Work

On Being Googled...

A patient who brought me a bottle of pure home-made honey-lemon concoction in¬†November 2015 for a chronic irritating cough that I had then (that seems to be an annual/more frequent occurence hmmm – I had a similar episode for most of May & early June 2016!!) Anyway, I digress… 747 more words

Down Under

General Dyer

One fine Sunday morning, we had a guest. A four legged one, so he was welcomed with open arms. When Baba went out to get the morning newspaper, he came back, grinning, with a cat who was purring lovingly, following him. 815 more words

And to think it's only Tuesday

Why is it that my 45 hour work week seems to go slower than my 48 hour weekend?