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The Unique Butchers: Short Story

I couldn’t help but notice each morning certain details that remained the same. The leaves on the trees would be swaying from side to side as the branch shook in the wind, the occasional one falling out of season. 1,073 more words

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It is difficult to believe in a perfectly good God.

To begin, the statement is ambiguous from opening with the idea of believing in a God who is perfectly good for surely if God is perfectly good then millions of people since the dawn of life have been believing in such a being so therefore to say it is difficult is far from correct if so many have done so before? 1,303 more words

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Finding your own Way: Both --And.

A personal message from your friendly blog manager:

For some time now, I have been conflicted. Conflicted over whether to cut loose my deep connection to shamanism and the Great Nature Spirits in favor of a full serving of committed Zen. 155 more words


Swimmer dives in too deep

Ryan Lochte, who we all recognise from that unbelievable swim earlier this month, along with three other swimmers were recently in the news for allegedly being robbed at gunpoint. 226 more words

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