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from the album “Sound Of Silver” (2007)


Gang Of Youths - Radioface

I’m getting the vibe that Gang Of Youths are the latest hot topic on the Australian scene. Lots of coverage from the boys at Triple J, including an epic cover of… 129 more words


Video: Dylan Kelly - "All My Friends"

Los Angeles alternative pop maverick Dylan Kelly unveils the lyric video for his debut single “All My Friends” today.

Written and produced by the artist, “All My Friends” struts along with bright snappy guitars, a reggae rhythm, and a delightfully inebriating refrain carried by Dylan’s dynamic voice. 219 more words


Draft Horse Day Single

Check out this band.  If you have a friend name Kyle, this is the song for you.  I’ve worked with most of the band members on projects and they are incredibly talented.


I'm Trying to Find Me a Better Way

Tell me the essence of loneliness.

The essence of loneliness is Discourse on Colonialism by Aimé Césaire. I’ve read this book on the subway for many hours, travelling many hours uptown to downtown to uptown again, and the loneliness is what I connect with. 326 more words


Bubble Pop

I really should have written something here this week, given that I distributed the address with previews of my book-in-progress at Thought Bubble 2014, but I’m lucky if I’ve scraped together a night’s worth of sleep in the past week and between working my day job, talking nonsense with a sickly Canadian visitor (the mighty… 451 more words


All My Friends, by LCD Soundsystem

Track 3 only

Released May 28, 2007

3 min, 40 sec

Being a music completionist is hard.

What I’m talking about is attempting to acquire every piece of commercially released music made by a given artist. 478 more words

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