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Holistic House Calls Provide Pets with Comfort and Options

The house call started long before I ever met Maggie. (“I” am Doc Truli, ivy-league-trained licensed holistic veterinarian practicing in the United States.)

“I read your website and you just seem like the right vet for me and Maggie,” said Connie on the phone on a rainy Tuesday morning. 906 more words

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Dogs Have Spring Allergies: 6-Year-Old Pekingnese Allergy Success Story

Atopic Disease in Dogs

Dogs have allergies, too! About half of American dogs have atopy (a-toe-pee). (In humans, the most common manifestation of atopy is eczema.) Dogs become intensely itchy. 910 more words

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Guinea Pig Needs Probiotics

A Guinea Pig Will Not Eat

“Doc, you have to help Sam.  She has not eaten all morning and I read online that is very bad for guinea pigs,” said Sam’s distraught mom. 864 more words

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Step-by-Step Dog Food Allergy Elimination Diet

Allergy Elimination Diet Instructions

It’s a diet to figure out food allergies by process of elimination.  This process takes a total of 17 weeks, at a minimum.   783 more words


What's This Hole in My Dog's Elbow?

“Bear Has a Lump on His Elbow”

A stately, stiff-legged, arthritic 14-year-old golden-colored Chow Chow stared at Doc Truli and wagged the tip of his medium-length, slightly curled tail. 1,049 more words

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How Do I Know a Pet Food is Good?

How to Read Pet Food Labels: “Whole Meat”

Let’s talk about pet food labels. This will be the first in a series about pet food labels in America. 786 more words

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Are Your Household Cleaners Making Your Pet Sick?

Some Pets Suffer In Spite of Your Best Efforts

Doc Truli came across a scientific report that might explain why some pets are still itchy and miserable after all of your best efforts. 911 more words