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The Founding Fathers and Medicine

As we head into the July 4th holiday, we thought it would be interesting and fun to take a look at the Founding Fathers (and Mothers) and their interactions with medicine at their time. 373 more words

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Donald Trump is in the small minority of Americans who thinks Trump’s tweets are good - The Washington Post

For what it’s worth: The media does, too.

We’ll allow @RealPressSecBot, an automated Twitter bot that takes President Trump’s tweets and formats them like official White House statements, do the honors with the tweets Trump issued Thursday morning. 113 more words

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Donald Trump picks a fight over Medicaid he cannot win | MSNBC

The president’s latest argument is that Medicaid cuts aren’t Medicaid cuts. It’s a silly game that should fool no one.

At a White House event yesterday, a reporter asked Donald Trump to comment on the Medicaid cuts in the Republican health care bill. 62 more words

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Trump attacks 'Morning Joe' hosts in crude tweets about bleeding face-lift - POLITICO

It was not immediately clear what specific comments set off the Twitter attacks.

President Donald Trump went back to sparring against the hosts of “Morning Joe” on Thursday, claiming co-host Mika Brzezinski was “bleeding from a face-lift” during a recent New Year’s visit to Mar-a-Lago. 79 more words

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Trump goes after media during closed-door fundraiser | TheHill

President Trump during his first reelection fundraiser Wednesday night reportedly went after the media and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The president specifically targeted CNN during the event, which was closed to the press, Politico reported. 54 more words

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The Daily 202: Even sweeping the suburbs would not be enough for Democrats to win the House majority - The Washington Post

New Third Way report demonstrates opposition party’s need to make inroads with Trump voters.

THE BIG IDEA: To win the House majority in the midterms, Democrats will need to make big gains with suburban voters, defend incumbents in rural districts where President Trump remains popular, topple a handful of Republicans in the Sun Belt and probably win a handful of seats that still aren’t on anyone’s radar. 84 more words

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G-20: Merkel and Trump to battle for world leadership

President Trump will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the fourth time at a G-20 summit in Hamburg.

A leader-of-the-free-world showdown looms between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump when she hosts the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg July 7-8. 59 more words

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