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iPhone Mommy

I admit it…I spend WaY ToO MuCh time on my phone.  It is a habit I have been saying I am going to stop for a long time, but have yet to accomplish.   542 more words


Leader from Whose Perspective?

Right off the bat I know there are going to be many of you who are going to disagree with me…and that is OK.  This is just my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way that I do.   340 more words


I'm Not There

Do you ever read our posts or talk to someone and think, I am NOT feeling it or I am NOT there?  I have… 229 more words



Sometimes in life you just have to “LaUgH OuT LoUd”.  That is, at YoUrSeLf.  Stop taking yourself so SeRiOuS (and trying to impress people) and just roll with it. 215 more words


It's Called {Life}

From time to time I do a CoOkiNg shOw on our local cable channel.  Because I live in a small town (pop. about 9,000) the viewing audience is relatively small.  257 more words


Use The Resources You Have

If you’ve been following our blog you may have seen me talk about dealing with an “All-Or-Nothing” mindset.  I struggle with this thinking and am diligently working to change this crazy TrAiN Of ThouGht.  210 more words


Move On Baby. Move On.

Sometimes you just have to CuT YoUr LoSsEs and move on.  Easier said than done, I know.  But I’m working on it.  My friend, D.J. says to “ReFLecT nOt ReGrEt.”  That is how we are to view the past.  86 more words