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Jesus Can't Be Part Of Our Life, He Has To Be All Of It.

I stumbled upon a quote from Charles Spurgeon a few months back and his words pierced my heart and mind.

Its hard to put into words what Jesus does to a person when they accept him not for the religious idea of who he is but for the personal friend and savior. 653 more words


Stepping Out of the All-or-Nothing Either/Or

Jonathan and I recently purchased and moved into a beautiful, elderly home (built around 1930) that requires some loving attention and repair. The impending winter means we will soon be putting several of these projects on hold – an expected delay that had me spiraling down a vortex of anxiety nonetheless, as I created doomsday visions of our house literally collapsing around us due to our careless neglect, poor project management, and apparent ineptitude. 274 more words

My First Post

I wanted to start this blog to speak the truth, to talk openly and honestly about all things that life throws at us. Last weekend I went to Mayo and it was one of the best holidays of my life, I found my focus, I set goals. 365 more words


Post 442: Size 12 Angered

 globe leather los angered size 12 (kits)

Free plus art bin few paints and small center speaker panasonic. No time for questions answered. Either take them or dont.
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Free Is Good

Death Rattles

Recently, I had an encounter with a diamondback rattlesnake.

Whenever I have the opportunity to engage in a staring contest with a diamondback (this time I won), I like to contemplate the archetypal significance of the forking black tongue, and why there is association with androgyny and non-duality (the re-pairing of schism) with these creatures who produce forking tongues, who  are mythically the supposed “first primordial being who creates good and who creates evil”, or another way of putting it, an original force which intimidates a shaking rabbit into playing with the cards it deals (or the coin), controlling the options, which is a classic tactic of manipulation and population management. 880 more words

Philosophy And Research

Chapter One - Start of the Year


For almost two-thirds of Eric Wang’s life, Septembers in Beijing had been cool and filled with smog. Even though he was already used to that kind of weather, seeing only gray and white outside the window made him feel tired very often. 1,420 more words

All Or Nothing

PROLOGUE (All or Nothing)

Eric Wang gazed at the blue sky and the blinding sun above him, then ran to his parents, who were sitting on a bench in the Beijing City Park. 143 more words

All Or Nothing