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Your cigarettes crowd my air.
It sickens the oxygen the flowers breathe.
It haunts the fabric of my clothes.
It leaves the depression of your reminder… 91 more words


The Contract

Sign here
In blood
Or whatever else you’ve got
Left to give.
I’m not asking much
Just your beating heart
Or whatever else is

Pressed like wildflowers… 30 more words


It is a mess in here

Hey, thanks for sticking around, it’s good to see you again.

In my previous post I was venting my frustrations about losing my momentum and how the little voices inside my head make it extremely easy for me to do NOTHING! 466 more words

All or Nothing

So I’m a very all-or-nothing thinker. Black-and-white; amazing or terrible; sinner or saint; that kinda thing. I’ve written about it before. But I think it’s worth reminding myself of it, and continuing to think about it, because it’s a pattern of thinking that gets to me very often, and when I stop it in its tracks I’m usually able to prevent a destructive behaviour, or the continuation of a destructive behaviour that’s already begun. 811 more words


All or Nothing

We live in a violent world.  In America we allow over 1 million unborn children to be killed every year by an industry that makes billions of dollars killing them.   440 more words


All or Nothing

I tend to be all or nothing. It’s a fault that I don’t like to admit to myself, because of this simple hard truth: there will always be a grey area.  341 more words


All or nothing - a blessing or a curse?

I’m sure that you’ve met them, those single minded freaks who seem consumed by one passion or another. Hell-bent on being the world’s best at whatever it is that they do. 875 more words

A Life Well Lived