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“My understanding of most things is pretty touch and go
But the three things
I know least about:
Love, art & God
I have a hunch they all mean the same thing.”

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All Or Nothing

"All duck or no dinner"

A phrase that I like to use to describe the roller-coaster of living with an addictive personality. Everything is either black and white with no room for anything in between. 440 more words

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17 Struggles You’ll Only Recognize If You’re An ‘All Or Nothing’ Relationship Kind Of Girl

Noël Alva1. You cannot play it cool when you start crushing on someone. They say hello and you’re instantly planning which song you’ll dance to at your wedding. 31 more words


She will demand the respect that he owes her by crushing his imaginary heart.

Words and art by Samaya Sinha.

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All Or Nothing

BPD: all or nothing

“Splitting (also called black and white thinking or all-or-nothing thinking) is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole.” 797 more words

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