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Challenging "All or Nothing" Thinking

Splitting – also called all-or-nothing thinking – is essentially being unable to assess both the good and bad qualities in oneself or others, and therefore viewing them as either “all good” or “all bad.” Though… 790 more words

Mental Health

EP Review: Anavae - Are You Dreaming?

Anavae are a rock duo from London, England. Over their six years as a band, they have slowly and consistently evolved and improved, developing and incredibly catchy sound. 250 more words



‘Само напред’ or ‘Only forward’ – those were the two words my dad told me as a farewell in June 2014 just before I left for Italy and then the UK to begin my new life. 366 more words


Mezzy "All Or Nothing" Mixtape Review | Video Games & Music Reviews: Episode 22

Video Games & Music Reviews: Episode 22 is a special show for yawl to listen to.

We will be reviewing independent artist “Mezzy” mixtape called “All Or Nothing”. 48 more words


Jesus Can't Be Part Of Our Life, He Has To Be All Of It.

I stumbled upon a quote from Charles Spurgeon a few months back and his words pierced my heart and mind.

Its hard to put into words what Jesus does to a person when they accept him not for the religious idea of who he is but for the personal friend and savior. 653 more words


Stepping Out of the All-or-Nothing Either/Or

Jonathan and I recently purchased and moved into a beautiful, elderly home (built around 1930) that requires some loving attention and repair. The impending winter means we will soon be putting several of these projects on hold – an expected delay that had me spiraling down a vortex of anxiety nonetheless, as I created doomsday visions of our house literally collapsing around us due to our careless neglect, poor project management, and apparent ineptitude. 274 more words

My First Post

I wanted to start this blog to speak the truth, to talk openly and honestly about all things that life throws at us. Last weekend I went to Mayo and it was one of the best holidays of my life, I found my focus, I set goals. 365 more words