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Well... it's my first blog

I bought a WordPress membership last night when I was a little less than sober.  Finals are approaching at my university, so I have several other writing tasks, including an email that I just received while writing this little entry (“blog”? 856 more words


Can We Break Up with Facebook?

I just went through a big breakup. I ended a relationship that lasted just shy of four years, and actually, thanks to Facebook, seemed much happier and whole than it truly was. 1,300 more words

You're my ONLY #4 & #5...

Just responding to a Dream… Responding to Energy… Whether it’s Accurate Only God Knows… Whether he Cares to hear or read any of it.. Or even looks at this Fucken Blog again… Only God, Jesus and Mary know… 714 more words


Pleasure and pain


Pain comes when there’s something to lose

It is the counterweight to joy

The shading on the sphere

To partake of one

You must accept the other… 53 more words

Our Story

Afterthought 1352—Your Nothings

No nothing is the same as any other.

A mathematician you once thought you knew
tried to explain his unique proof of that to me.
He lost me at the part about different infinities
and about lines and curves in complex space
and about time's role in actuarial equivalences. 249 more words
100 Poems

My first blog!

Alright! Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and here’s my first shot.

Okay, so it’s been months now since I created this blog for my writing stories purposes but I kind of ended leaving it empty since I am very shy and scared of the outside world lol. 477 more words

All Or Nothing

The Unknown

Well, after all it will be all or nothing, I will play hard on this. I will face what it is going on with The Song Writer, coz I can not live like this, I haven’t slept at all, I didn’t go to my beloved italian class, my arms hurt, my blood is toxic,I have barly eaten since friday but I want to throw up… I reduse to live like this one more day, so I called him to meet me at my place coz I need to talk, I need to know what the fuck is happening. 422 more words

Messy Life