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A Sunday In The Life Of A PK (or a CP PK, at least.)

*CPPK= church planter pastor’s kid

7:00 AM– wake up to an alarm that’s been snoozed twice already, whack the screen and fall back asleep, only to have the door swung wide open and the lights turned on. 911 more words

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Weekend Ramblings & Random Photography

I’m right on track on my nonexistent schedule! :D Hiya, everybody! How has the world been?

*gets distracted by Pinterest and Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home* 449 more words

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Labor Day (What I did, where I went, and why the name is deceptive)


It’s 11:01 pm. I should be asleep. I could use more sleep. In fact, I am dead. From school of course. Why am I writing a blog post? 687 more words

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How to Die In School Honorably. :P

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. 1,099 more words

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Hard Stuff: Prayer Problems

WARNING: If you don’t care for things of Christ, STOP FOLLOWING. NOW. Because I do. 

Okay, first off, I’m not saying prayer is a problem. 666 more words

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It’s just your normal September Saturday, folks. I was just eating unhealthy cinnamon toast for breakfast, and trying to strum a song. That’s all I expected. 176 more words

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Takeaways From August (Scribble Scrabble)

*eyes gleam evilly*

I have waited very long for this. My fingers have missed the clickety clackety of the keyboard. And ha, you thought I milked every drop outta August? 737 more words

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