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My First Year in Japan (In a Nutshell)

“Wherever you fly, you’ll be best of the best. / Wherever you go, you’ll top all the rest./ Except when you don’t. /Because, sometimes, you won’t.” – Dr.Seuss… 211 more words

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Anti-Intellectualism : The Celebration Of Stupidity

By: B Goode

After reading some of the alternative news sites such as the now defunct TRS and KNN, and their replacement, ASS, along with others such as TOC, TI-SG, WUS and a few more, you could not help but feel your intellect had dropped a few notches. 425 more words

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Deep Muscle Activation Core Workout | Grokker

Learn how to activate and sculpt your core with this home workout from former Royal Marines commando trainer Jon Stratford. Jon will take you through a core workout. 77 more words

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Making a website!

So I decided the other day that I’m going to make a website. I’ve been spending most of my time working on it lately. I can’t wait to release it, and when I do, I’d love your feedback. 31 more words

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All The World's A Stage.....

Another Sunday, another losing run fest at the hallowed field of cricketing dreams.

Wanderers, who specialise in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, would have come close to the best stage performance award in this category with Sunday’s unfurling events. 1,093 more words

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TV Trends: Encantadia

Avisala! Want to see the an interesting clip of Encantadia? Check this out. 18 more words

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Pizza Delivery

The following is a phone call between Clay Fisher, a 19-year-old pizza delivery boy and God’s secretary, Gina. 

*Phone Rings*

Gina: Hello, thank you for calling the office of The one and only, almighty, all-powerful, forgiving, vengeful, creator of the universe, God. 134 more words

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