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February Photo Diary

‘ “God must be a season, grandma said, looking out at the blizzard drowning her garden.

Dear god, if you are a season, let it be the one I passed through to get here. 320 more words

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The Struggle for Identity

We will start the day by reciting “I Too” by Langston Hughes.

Students will read, annotate, and respond to DuBois, Dunbar, and the Struggle for Identity… 12 more words

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Kicking up a Storm

Last week we were hit by three blizzards in six days. I hunkered down in the house and used the time to sort through last year’s photos. 326 more words

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Flowers have been on my mind since my recent visit to the world famous Nuccio’s Nurseries. It’s hard to think about Spring at the moment but it will be here before you know it. 148 more words

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Claim Your Spot Among The Stars

If you think it’s expensive to claim your spot among the stars, then you’re absolutely correct! Astronomical characters of ancient lore accomplished heroic feats to earn their eternal right to lounge upon the night sky. 161 more words


Look Book || Walking in 'Rainbow'


...The seven colour spectrum is the senses…
Nourishes the need and desire
Like a prism, it passes through every heart
Leaving the lights of absolution… 77 more words

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Movie Night

Nothing is better than spending Friday’s afternoon watching a movie and hanging out with your friends before a long break to residential trip!

SC is holding a movie night on… 57 more words

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