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I added a new recipe to my usual repertoire this week and it’s the easiest dish to whip up on a lazy night! Cacio e pepe (literally, cheese and pepper) takes about 10 minutes to make from beginning to end and is a lighter version of a creamy pasta alfredo. 174 more words

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SPEECH - Marriage Equality - Maureen Walsh

On the 9th of February 2012, Representative Maureen Walsh stood up for an issue that she humbly and passionately believed in, despite it going against the policy of the Republican party – her party. 609 more words

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Leicester City F.C. Proves Arsene leid

Its the new stick used by the malcontent to beat Arsene with. They are turning Leicester’s miracle season from their success to Arsenal’s and Arsene’s failure. 606 more words

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Interbeing Perspective

Even your bullshit

is grounded by gravity,

lit by light,

and supported

by each and every

force and phenomenon.

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Civilisation: The Salem witch trials

Welcome to the ‘Civilisation’ blog series. This is my attempt to categorise some of history’s most famous (and infamous) names. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s silly. 901 more words

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Wrinkled Sibling

We have a dog. She is a Chinese Shar Pei and her name is Dolce. She was born exactly a year before Alli was born and my husband and I think she is a reason we have our precious child, Allison. 291 more words

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Red Sand & Angry Birds

New week, new haul! Not all of today’s bargains are from the opshop but at least one is. I had to go to town to run some errands so decided to check out the Big W sales. 139 more words

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