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All Saints and All Souls

Legazpi – “From purgatory, which is painful and sorrowful, the crying voices of the souls resound in great sorrow, with the belief that mother Mary will have pity on those who cry for help.” 163 more words


Day of the Dead in the Land of the Living

We arrived late in the afternoon and sought refuge in the tent provided by the management. Our wet umbrellas were not kept aside. We used them to shield the flames of candles from the breeze which would come and go. 740 more words


"I Will Sing No Requiem Tonight"

We talked a lot about the dead in church today- It’s that time of year. It’s a little bit of a downer, but without death there’s no resurrection, right? 897 more words

For The Beloved Dead.

Let their light shine through your eyes. Let their prayers whisper through your soul. Let their love kindle your heart.

Food for the Dead, Κολυβα: 6 more words


Day 3 : All Soul's Day

November 1, 2017. It has been raining yesterday, all night. I woke up at 4:00 again. I think it is going to be my routine. I could hear the strong raindrops in the rooftop. 319 more words



November 1. I decided to go to visit the cemetery where our son Samuel, and many people that we know, are buried. It was All Souls Day so it seemed appropriate. 723 more words


Immortality and Embrace with God

In our lifetime we try or like to play different roles and we think that we are going to live forever in this world! I asked the Lord, “If I am not playing these roles, then WHO AM I?” All I could see and feel with closed eyes was ‘infinite waves of ocean’! 374 more words

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