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Happy Easter Long Weekend

2019 • Weekend 15

I always love public holidays because usually we don’t have anything planned. I love it even more when they join a weekend to form a long one. 401 more words

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There in the Beginning by Caitlin Mclinden

“You going to the disco on Friday?”

“I dunno. The last one I went to was really bad. I ended up sitting in the toilets waiting for my mum to get me.” 2,083 more words

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Caster Cook is Completely Fine by Matt Stevenson

I’m thinking about shaving my beard but leaving the mustache and listening to a break-up album in bed. My friend Glenn says I should sleep with the first five girls I see and if I still miss her after that, then maybe I’m in love and that’s not so bad. 1,682 more words

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The Depressing Story Of John Walsh #1: When The Homeless Get Revenge

The date was Nov. 2nd 1957. This is a story that has been forgotten for many years, but is as old as Daniel day-Lewis, who also has been forgotten for many years. 312 more words

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A Hedgehog, a Witch, and a Young Girl Part 3

The shack looked as abandoned as ever when we walked up to it. White wooden fence, piles of snow curling around each post… it looked mundane. 892 more words

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Never Coming Back by Matt Hobbs

‘This is Britain! My fuckin’ Britain!’ shouted Gleeman as he slammed his ham-sized fist into his wife’s stomach. ‘Things are different now! There’ll be no more of your lip and no more of your equality. 2,589 more words

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A Scene of Grief by Anuradha Prasad

Nakul Pandey sat staring at the frail corpse that had been his father. A group of mourners in various shades of white sat in vigil. Suffocating floral bouquet notes arose from the garland-draped cover of the coffin cooler in which the corpse had been kept as the mourners waited for Nakul’s older brother, Vipul, to come from the UK and perform the last rites. 1,060 more words

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