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Air Guitar Eddy by Richard Leise

Because we didn’t know his name, and he played air guitar outside Family Dollar, we called him Air Guitar Eddy.  He had two dogs.  We called the pit bull Pitbull, and the other, a terrier, Funky Bitch.  1,049 more words

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The Stillness of a Garden Broken by Marco Etheridge

Jakob Pichler cherishes his quiet mornings and the green stillness of his garden. His neighbors have gone off to their day jobs, leaving him in peace. 901 more words

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Invasive by David Gwyn

A smooth take off and an ascent to cruising altitude set the stewardesses at work. The plane felt stuffier than usual. He was in the middle, his favorite location. 2,128 more words

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Gary Glitter And The Camel Hair Coat by Hugh Cron Warning- Adult Content

Lee and Harry stood outside their manager’s office. She glowered at them. The music from the communal room was deafening.

“Jesus fuck! Am I not in enough trouble? 933 more words

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The Duke's Black Bag by Tom Sheehan

Just pronounced ex-Navy and having breakfast in a small diner in Idaho, road dust claiming him as much as it did his old Ford convertible gracing the parking lot like an abused antique, he met Maybelle Hustings slinging homemade hash, the air full of morning’s riches. 4,268 more words

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Literally Reruns - Stumpy by Diane M Dickson

Lovely Leila has chosen one from my back catalogue for a rerun. It’s a bit sad and brutal but – there ya go. This is what she said: 494 more words

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Notes on Calling Time by Stefan Slater

To this dying man whom the wolf already scents

And whom the crow watches.

            Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil 2,061 more words

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